Hermosa Beach Parking Permit design embraces female empowerment

Hermosa’s 2022-23 residential parking permit was designed by Amelle Ngo, the featured artist in the upcoming Hermosa Beach Fine Arts Festival. Image courtesy of City of Hermosa

by Dan Blackburn

Hermosa Beach’s 2022-23 residential parking permits will feature art by Armelle Ngo, who will be the featured artist at the upcoming Hermosa Beach Fine Arts Festival in May.

Ngo said her inspiration for the design pulls from “Hermosa’s natural beauty” and includes elements of female empowerment. She fuses flamboyant colors with bright tones to depict in the design a “fearless woman” with a surfboard above her head, set against a brilliant sunset, facing the ocean’s expanse.

“When I painted this design, I was inspired by the concept of tying together women’s natural power with Hermosa’s uniquely beautiful backdrop through bold colors that reflect my personality. I hope this image resonates with Hermosa residents in the same way this city, the community, and its natural beauty have with me,” Ngo said. ER

Council to consider dining deck fees

Encroachment fees for the dining decks in car lanes along Pier and Hermosa Avenues will be discussed by the city council at its upcoming, Jan. 25 meeting.

In December, the council agreed to allow the dining decks to remain until at least June 1. 

At last week’s council meeting, Councilmember Raymond Jackson said, “We agreed that we would look at charging an encroachment fee come the first of the year. But we didn’t have that discussion when the dining deck [authorization was] extended.”

“In the interim, as a temporary measure, does it make sense for the city to begin charging an encroachment fee for those who are utilizing public space?” Jackson asked.

Jackson then made a motion that the council consider encroachment fees for the dining decks at its next. The motion was unanimously approved. ER


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