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Hippy Tree Presents: A Moment Longer featuring Tommy Witt [VIDEO]

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Last spring Tommy Witt and filmmaker Evan Adamson took a trip to visit their amigo Benny Geren down south, where they were welcomed with warm waves, friendly faces, and spring vibes. After getting lost in the fun, time flew by and they were left wishing the trip had lasted just a moment longer…

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Directed by Evan Adamson

Starring Tommy Witt

Featuring Benny Geren

Song: Big Wild – “Crickets”
Purchase on iTunes: https://tinyurl.com/mk993mq
Listen on Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/k25c7s5

Hippy Tree

“Two crickets are chirping in the middle of the night, baby
One by the lake, one over the hill
They meet together on a patch of grass
Beneath the moon
Beneath the stars

Through the fog and the storm I can see you
This is real life, baby, not a preview
Take me to the moon, up to the stars
‘Cause it’s only the two of us”


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