Indivisible Arts promises ‘State of the Art’ experiences at Resin Gallery

Artists offer free hugs to promote this Saturday’s Indivisible Arts fundraiser. Photo courtesy of Resin Gallery.

Resin Gallery director Rafael McMaster delivers his “Quick Pitch” on behalf of Indivisible Arts to the Hermosa Friends Foundation at the Lighthouse Cafe in March.

Priscilla Ortiz and Resin Gallery director Rafael McMaster with a surfboard Ortiz painted for the current Hermosa Leadership Boards Across Hermosa exhibit. Photo courtesy of Leadership Hermosa.

by Elka Worner

“State of the Art” at Resin Gallery in the Cypress Arts District on Saturday night, April 30, promises to be an inspiring mix of art, music, food and fashion. The evening will raise funds for Indivisible Arts, a program that uses art to address the mental health crisis among children and teens.

“We are on the precipice of a never-before-seen mental health crisis that shows up as depression, anxiety and suicide,” Indivisible Arts Founder Rafael  McMaster said.

“This is going to take an all-hands-on deck approach for our kids and the next generation.”

“State of the Art” proceeds will go towards expanding Indivisible Arts’ eight-week Creative Wisdom program. The after-school program offers workshops and classes and teaches holistic solutions for mental health issues. Classes focus on creativity, consciousness, connection, and community.

Last year, the program provided  art-based, creative consciousness instruction to over 100 students. Its success, McMaster said, can be measured by the letters of appreciation parents send him.

“We are deeply passionate about helping the next generation learn to have a healthy outlook on life, whether they have the financial means or not,” McMaster said. He said all South Bay students, including those from Hawthorne, Torrance, and Carson, will have access to the program through scholarships. Every $10,000 raised will provide scholarships for more than 18 students.

Saturday’s event will be an immersive art and music experience. Participants will be led through a series of galleries, filled with curated art and awe-inspiring creative experiences, while sipping cocktails from the South Bay’s most popular mixologists.

The event is for guests 21 and older, and will begin at 6 p.m. Resin Gallery, 618 Cypress Avenue, Hermosa Beach. Tickets are on sale at ER

Resin Gallery director Rafael McMaster and Paul Roustan with images of Roustan’s body painting art.


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