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Bowling on the Green in Hermosa Beach

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The Hermosa Beach Lawn Bowling Club will be holding an open house Saturday to help promote the sport.

The Hermosa Beach Lawn Bowling Club, founded in 1936, is hosting Saturday on the Green, an open house event on Saturday, May 12 for anyone interested in learning how to lawn bowl.

Lawn bowls weigh about 4 pounds and are elliptical in shape, causing a bias or curve when rolled on the green toward the small white target ball called the jack. Teams of doubles or triples are usually played.

The club was started when Mayor John Clark obtained the approval of the City Council to install a green at his own expense. In 1958, a clubhouse was donated.

The event takes place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Guests don’t need to wear white clothes, but are asked to wear smooth, flat-bottom shoes. Equipment, lessons, pizza and refreshments will be provided. The clubhouse is located at 861 Valley Drive.

For more information contact club president George Renshaw at GeorgeRenshaw96@gmail.com.


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