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Letters to the Editor 9-7-2017

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Repower the menu

Dear ER:

So Jeff Sallee, owner of Catalina Coffee, one of the businesses affected by the ongoing SCE utility project, attributes his 30 percent decline in sales from last summer to the project (“SCE powers down Catalina Ave. businesses,” ER Aug. 31, 2017). Perhaps the fact that his kitchen closes at 3 p.m. and offers customers nothing more than baked goods and other desserts after that time might be a factor.  I frequent CC quite often but would purchase more than a beverage if sandwiches and other meal were available.

Kathy Weiss

Redondo Beach

Schooling on Pier Ave.

Dear ER:

It appears the Hermosa Beach School District did not do its homework (“School District sued over bond measure,” ER Aug. 31, 2107). The District has a right to use Pier Avenue School because of the sales agreement made with the City Council in 1978. That stated, if student enrollment reached 1,266 students, they could use rooms rent free, only having to share the maintenance cost. That option should have been taken years ago and would have saved the money wasted on portable classrooms. Before the June 2016 vote on Measure S, voters were told Pier Avenue School was not an option. The District paid their attorney $11,000 to persuade the voters it was too expensive an option to use. The City of Hermosa Beach has a structural engineering firm report that states the classrooms are fine, the auditorium needs $2 million and the gym $500,000 to bring it up to standard. Pier Avenue could be used for seventh and eighth graders,. It would be part of Valley school, eliminating the cost of a new staff. Pier Avenue School would give parents two school drops for their children, not three. It would fit in with the city council’s carbon neutral plan. The new North school will not be carbon neutral. Taxpayers are obligated to bring Pier Avenue up to a safe standard. We should do that and use it as a joint use facility with the School District and save the $80 million the North School project will cost.

Tony Garcia

Hermosa Beach


Kicking Harvey victims

Dear ER:

Easy Reader is a local newspaper and therefore should focus on local issues. So why is there a cartoon every week by Politico cartoonist Matt Wuerker, who is obviously suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)? He really outdid himself this week with his cartoon mocking Hurricane Harvey flood victims. To quote blogger Ed Morrissey: “In his usual sledgehammer style, [Wuerker] includes a Gadsden flag to slam conservatives, Confederate imagery to smear Texans as racists, and then also includes a gratuitous slap at people of faith. It’s a smug, arrogant, and utterly tone-deaf attack on hurricane refugees in the midst of their crisis, exploiting their tragedy to ride his hobby horses all over their pain.”

Tony Garcia

Hermosa Beach

Ragin’ back

Dear ER:

I went last night for dinner to Ragin Cajun because couldn’t wait any longer and after years of other restaurants ruining his original recipes (“Cajun rages back on a different side of its old street,” ER Aug. 31, 2017). I had blackened salmon topped with shrimp Etouffee’, sauted mushrooms and steamed veggies. It was so good, and I am so grateful that Steve Domingue has his own place again. The food was just like I remembered it before he left Pier Avenue. Run don’t walk to get in because for those of us who remember, the house was always packed. Welcome home Stephan. You’ve been missed and we are going to lovingly embrace you back.

LuAnn Fabian

Facebook comment

Ragin’ and rollin’

Dear ER:

I am thrilled beyond words to have Stephen Domingue and his Original Ragin’ Cajun back (“Cajun rages back on a different side of its old street,” ER Aug. 31, 2017). We got downright spoiled for 20 years. But despite loyally following his every move, recent years simply haven’t yielded enough opportunities to soak up as much of Stephen’s unmatched, down home hospitality and wildly wonderful food as we’d previously been fortunate enough to enjoy. With heartfelt best wishes to his Mama, we’re just over the moon to have Stephen and his Original Ragin’ Cajun right back where they belong — at the very top of our list of favorite dining experiences. Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Gerry O’Connor

Manhattan Beach

Noble park in downtown Hermosa Beach, with its tall, widely spaced palm trees and soft grass, has become popular with slackliners and freestyle gymnasts. Practicing in the park over the Labor Day weekend were slackliners Troy Hollebeke and Ron Siegel and acro yogis (acrobatics and yoga) Janna Lenny and and James Tracey. Photos by Kevin Cody



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