Judy Rae

Letters to the Editor 3-26-2020

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Dewey Weber statue, Hermosa Beach Community Center. Photo by Kevin Cody

One for the Brooks

Dear ER:

I appreciate Susan Brooks sharing her story of how fast Covid19 can spread (“16 sick following former RPV mayor’s birthday party at Trump National,” EasyReaderNews.com).  This is a time in our history that we will never forget.

I am so sorry her 70th birthday will always be remembered as this negative image. I sincerely hope that she is recovering and feeling better. I know if she had any idea of the danger she would never have continued with the party nor would any of the guests have attended.

I hope everyone recovers quickly and completely.

Marcia August


Twice the advice

Dear ER:

The article states she recommended twice to her guests that they shouldnt show up if they felt ill  . Not pointing fingers but if you’re throwing a party and that has to be included in the announcement multiple times it’s probably best to hit the cancel button. I think we’re all learning a huge lesson from what we’re going through.

George Palaziol


Please stay home

Dear ER:

This is no time to emotionally upset each other. I saw lots of people wearing masks in February. It’s obvious that most people in the South Bay didn’t really take this seriously until the water and toilet paper started to run out at Costco.

So now we know. Let’s all be compliant. We all have comfortable homes, you know what they say, “no matter how humble, there’s no place like home.” There is no reason to be out on the streets, you can pick up your dry cleaning some other time.

Mattika Rosenthal


Different time

Dear ER:

Kids were still attending school the whole next week in most cases, on the hill for 4 more days… I don’t get where you can say such mean horrible things. We did not know better nor did we take precautions yet. If you think this should have been canceled where is your outrage at the education system for letting kids attend school? How many thousands of kids were exposed then on the hill alone? The “hotspot” of the Peninsula? Get off your high horse and learn some compassion!

Stacie Smith


Not responsible

Dear ER:

I couldn’t disagree more. All of PV’s Little Leagues shut down that weekend. And being responsible adults, my wife and I canceled our 10-year-old’s birthday sleepover.

Shutdowns were imminent—which the County Superintendent likely knew, even as she wore her orange boots to the party.

This was shamelessly irresponsible. Laws for thee but not for me…

It is hard to find polite words for this terrible judgment as I work from home with 3 kids trying to keep up their education using iPads and chrome books from various locations around our house.

Ray Schroeter


Share six feet apart

Dear ER:

COVID19 has spread everywhere in the South Bay silently (LA County reports 190 coronavirus cases, 10 in South Bay,” ER March 19, 2020). We can bend the curve if we all demonstrate personal responsibility and social responsibility. Stay home, spend time with your loved ones. I know that is impossible for some people, but we all must try. We can do it if we all help each other as much as we can. Share some of what you have so someone else doesn’t have to go out. Act as if your life, or the life of the person next to you, depends on your actions. Dismiss the naysayers. This will take a minute. We must share everything we can. Share caring, share empathy, share facts. We can do this but we can only succeed if we do it together.

Paul Moses


Rent Moratorium

Dear ER:

Manhattan Beach City Council has passed ordinances that tighten social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak. One ordinance prohibits non-essential retail businesses from being open. Essential businesses are grocery stores, pharmacies and health care providers. Another ordinance will prevent commercial and residential landlords from evicting tenants who struggle to pay rent during the coronavirus crisis.

Hermosa Beach is considering a plan to prohibit commercial and residential landlords from charging rent (moratorium) to people and businesses who have lost income as a result of coronavirus-related closures.

On the 2020 General Election Ballot in November is a measure sponsored by Schools and Communities First.  Prop. 13 Split Roll Property Tax that would change the assessed value of commercial and industrial properties from purchase price to market value. This assessment of properties to market value would be devastating for the landlords and will continue long after the coronavirus has been conquered.

Both Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach should look at the Rent Moratorium and Split Roll Property Tax and see how they affect their businesses.

Robert Bush   

Manhattan Beach

99 to forever

Dear ER:

Is developer Leo Pustilnikov aware (“City’s AES Parkland Negotiations Stall,” ER Mar. 12 2020) of the mandate levied by the California Coastal Commission on AES in 2015 during the RBEP hearing. My understanding of the mandate is that the developer (property owner) must include the restoration and perpetual maintenance of the wetlands (salt lake and water pools) including a 100-foot buffer zone on the 50-acre property.

The size of the wetlands and locations must be established before the 50-acre property can be developed. I believe the 5.93 acres estimate by the California Coastal Commission is low. My “ball park” size is between 18 and 28 acres based on 130 by 500 yards to 200 by 600 yards reported in the 1854 newspaper clippings (Old Salt Lake of Redondo, Pages 56 and 57).

I would think that George Hansen’s 1854 land survey of the salt lake property is excellent data for the locations and sizes of the water entities. Developer Pustilnikov may want to review the survey before he conceives his development. 

I do not believe that the 99-year lease proposed by Pustilnikov satisfies the perpetual clause of the mandate. Yes, a 99-year lease is a long period, but it is not forever.

George Ikeda

Redondo Beach

Troegering feelings

Dear ER:

Thank you for the wonderful tribute you wrote about Stephen Troeger (“The Rescuer,” ER Feb. 27, 2020) . I did not know the man or believe I ever met him but thanks to you I now know about what a wonderful man and great life he lived. The biography you put on the cover of the Easy Reader was some of the best journalism I’ve read anywhere in years. The depth of your reporting put pride in my heart and brought tears to my eyes. 

Jay Helfert

Do as they say

Dear ER:

There’s a sign up at 8th Street and the greenbelt in Hermosa Beach asking people not to use the exercise equipment which is completely ignored (“County bans beach volleyball, Hermosa Beach resident rescues nets,” EasyReaderNews.com). First sign was thrown into the bushes. Yesterday I counted eight people an hour using it. No, there are always people who won’t do the right thing.

Teresa Gretsky


Keep the distance

Dear ER:

The past two nights I have taken a long bike ride (“Manhattan Beach pier is closed due to COVID-19 community spread concerns,” ER Newsletter). There are hundreds of people out walking, at the beach, playing volleyball, enjoying the sunset etc….groups of people. Looks like summer out there with all the people. I thought we were supposed to be distancing ourselves from one another. What I saw made me think this isn’t happening here at the beach cities. It’s party as usual.

Ellen Rae




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