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Letters to the Editor 12-6-18

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Old 83

Dear ER:

Local Offers

It was sad to read about the loss of Mick Felder, at age 83 (“Hermosa’s Mick Felder lost in motorcycle crash,” ER Nov. 29, 2018). When I was 16 he fixed a dent in my car for next to nothing. He wrote an estimate, fixed it, took my money, and gave me a receipt. Years later I realized that while he didn’t want me to know it, he low bid it to help out a kid who otherwise would have not been able to get that dent fixed. Everyone in Hermosa Beach loved Mick. He really loved Hermosa Beach. He was especially liked by his many friends on the police department. He fixed more than a few ‘aw crap’ dents in police cars for many of us, on the quiet over his weekend, so no one would be the wiser for it. It was always good seeing him at car and motorcycle events, up until the weekend before his death. Mick never had a cross word for anyone. He seemed to always expect the best from people and he capitalized on their good traits when dealing with them. He stayed lifelong friends with everyone he ever became friends with. Mick was one of the people who created the SoCal car culture that still lives today. Everything from Gullwing Mercedes, Porsches, MG Midgets; to British Motorcycles and American 1930’s Hot Rods. RIP Mick Felder, they don’t make them like you anymore.

Steve Endom

HBPD, retired

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Biased cartooning

Dear ER:

It seems to me that your political cartoons are very one sided. They always seem to lean on the “Hate Trump” side. I thought the media was supposed to be unbiased. Very sad commentary for a local paper. People like to blame President Trump for all the meanness going around, but in reality, he and his family and staff are treated very badly. Whatever happened to respecting the office? Shame on cartoonist Matt Wuerker for keeping the hate stirred up.

Robin Ridenour

Redondo Beach

Fixing Artesia Boulevard

Dear ER:

Where does Artesia Boulevard go from here [“The Boulevard Opportunity knocks on Artesia,” ER Nov. 15, 2018]? The current set of North Redondo Beach council members will tell you business owners on the boulevard are waiting on what happens at the Galleria or that a name change will somehow magically bestow on the boulevard a sense of place. These are all talking points from an old playbook by a failed former city manager and the chamber cronies who took over the private local business group.

As a new homeowner in 1992 and a commuter like many in Redondo Beach, I didn’t want to get back in my car after arriving at my little house on Vanderbilt Lane to go to some nice place elsewhere. Many who currently live in the area echo that same sentiment.

A good start for Artesia would be to finally implement the improved lighting discussed during the 2000 facelift. This is something that could be done now. As an example, look at the new lighting in Riviera Village.

A more long term solution would be to put property ownership and management into the hands of people who actually live in the community. The wait for a new grocery store could have been shorter if that property owner had stronger ties to the community. The short sighted state government took away the power of local redevelopment. City leaders need to encourage business owners to put down roots on Artesia and invest in property there. Elected officials need to shoot for perfection but should not wait for the Galleria to make the future Artesia Boulevard a reality.

Bruce Szeles


Apathy leads to poor school management

Dear ER:

MBUSD doesn’t need to follow a strict budget because they have the residents of Manhattan Beach to pay for school bonds and parcel taxes. Measure BB, $67 million for renovation of Mira Costa High School; Measure EE, $39 million for a new gym; and Measure C, $114 million for elementary and preschool, total $220 million.

Measure BB is a parcel tax of $2.6 million a year for six years to provide stable, reliable revenue for our schools.

If they require additional funds they can go to the City Council Bank. The city earmarked  $1 million toward school security measures (perimeter fencing, new radios, cell phone boosters, security cameras, revising its sign-in procedures for visitors).

Manhattan Beach Unified School District Board of Education allocated $1.2 million for the abatement of asbestos disturbed at Mira Costa High School and mold discovered at schools throughout the district. Superintendent Mike Matthews acknowledged that the $1.2 million hit to the district’s general fund will require some belt-tightening [“MBUSD mold, asbestos abatement costs $1.2 million,” ER Nov. 16, 2018].

The asbestos problem is a result of a contractor sanding a floor at the the Mira Costa High School library and the mold problem was caused by maintenance understaffing which is the result of mismanagement.

Some teachers have been reporting mold or moisture-related problems at Manhattan Beach Middle School years ago.

Only 20 percent of Manhattan Beach residents vote in the City Council and School Board elections. MBUSD Board of Education had three trustee seats available, but since only two candidates decided to run, there will not be an election [“Fenton, Peel will join MBUSD School Board,” ER Nov. 22, 2018].

MBUSD displays bad management, and Manhattan Beach residents, apathy

Robert Bush

Manhattan Beach

Same old song

Dear ER:

This has been the same story since I was a kid (“CrossFit Horsepower sues Hermosa Beach,” ER Nov. 29, 2018). People buy a home next to the pier and then complain about the noise… Helloooo!? There used to be an auto shop there. These people got a discount for their place next to the industrial zone and now they aren’t happy about it. LMAO

Andy Kenoff

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Who’s calling kettle black

Dear ER:

Why is the a quad-plex apartment building in a light industrial zone (“CrossFit Horsepower sues Hermosa Beach,” ER Nov. 29, 2018)? I agree that simply being annoying is not necessarily breaking the law.

Sam Sam

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Back on Bourbon Street

Reminds me of that gal who rented a place on “Bourbon Street” (as she is famous for calling it, near Pier Ave), who complained for years that about bar noise (“CrossFit Horsepower sues Hermosa Beach,” ER Nov. 29, 2018). Seems like there should not be a big surprise when you buy a home next to an industrial zone.

Kent Allen

Hermosa Beach

Unattractive nuisance

Dear ER:

It would be preferable to declare the collection of hypersensitive residents that choose to live adjacent to an industrial zone a nuisance (“CrossFit Horsepower sues Hermosa Beach,” ER Nov. 29, 2018).

Robert Benz

Hermosa Beach

Sandpiper partners

Dear ER:

Barry and I were very proud to partner for the 13th time with the Sandpiper Home Tour [“26th Annual Sandpipers Holiday Homes Tour,” took place Nov. 30].

The past eight years we have supplied GROW product to raise money for their charity in a café at one of the featured homes, and what we came away with, once again, is the professionalism within their organization. Year in and year out, Sandpipers sustain a bar of excellence with everyone in their organization. I feel they have a guideline of quality to give those benefiting their charity the same level of expectations on their Home Tour by teaching principles of distinction throughout their organization.

We, as a community, are fortunate to have such empowered women harnessing their energy to help those in our community.  Great job, once again. Keep up the amazing work.

Kathy Fisher, owner

Grow The Produce Shop

Manhattan Beach

Elect someone else

Dear ER:

With the Redondo Council District 3 election approaching, Chris Horvath has already begun writing profusely, utilizing free access through local newspapers. It is almost comical to read his efforts to recast his self-tarnished image. He whines about his detractors for what he has brought onto himself.

No matter how he attempts to mask his shortcomings or blur his ill-advised decisions, it’s hard not to see how subterfuge may still blight our future by his continued role in city affairs. But soon the opportunity will arrive to hold him accountable for the terrible decisions he has already made. And that is what’s most important.

Hopefully, the local electorate, the ones who actually do vote, will see fit to elect someone else this time: someone who will strongly advocate for the urgent needs and betterment of Redondo Council District 3, as well as be supportive of genuine quality enhancements for the City of Redondo Beach at large.

Ron Russik

Redondo Beach

Horvath nay, Nafissi yea

Dear ER:

Four years ago I did not support Christian Horvath for District 3 City Council in Redondo Beach because I saw his platform for what it was — a continuation of the overdevelopment philosophy that has ruled Redondo Beach for decades. Christian is a nice guy with a wonderful family, but it’s his voting record that counts. Here it is:

  1. Approved the 525,000 square-foot CenterCal mall for King Harbor;
  2. Just 49 days before the Measure C election, he voted to spend $9 million of City funds to buy out the Fun Factory lease [in the harbor] seven years early to make way for the mall;
  3. Just 35 days before the same election he voted to lease much of King Harbor to CenterCal Properties for 99 years! CenterCal is  now suing the City over this contract for $15 million;
  4. Denied a resident appeal of the mall and voted to certify the environmental impact report that was thrown out by a judge months later;
  5. Opposed Measure C that was approved by District 3 voters and went on to be certified by the California Coastal Commission with no changes;
  6. Voted for an unsafe boat ramp in King Harbor at Mole B to make way for the CenterCal mall;
  7. Voted to extend his own terms by at least a year and now misleads the public into thinking it’s all the mayor’s fault;
  8. Supported Measure B that would have allowed AES to build a large, high-density development on the AES power plant property with no defined park space;
  9. Recently voted against extending the Galleria mall redevelopment hearing. He and Council member Laura Emdee were hoping to approve the project at 1 a.m. on a Wednesday morning which would allow a 65 percent increase in development and,
  10. Has accepted thousands in donations from leaseholders in the Harbor, contractors with the City, and out-of-town unions that support all his big real estate deals and development plans.

Candace Nafissi is a nice person too, with a wonderful family who has endured numerous personal attacks as well. More importantly, she has stood with the voters on all the above issues contrary to Mr. Horvath. Choose accordingly District 3 voters and don’t get distracted. The future character of your City is at stake. Redondo Beach needs a new direction.

Bill Brand

Mayor, Redondo Beach



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