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Letters to the Editor 6-14-18

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Team life

Dear ER:

Local Offers

At last, a true story with a happy ending (“Team effort, keyed by Good Samaritan, saves a man’s life,” ER June 4, 2018). These men who all pitched in to save Jeff DeCoste’s life should be commended for their quick-thinking and grace-under-pressure during this very tense situation. As Lifeguard Greg Crum noted, “It was a true team effort.” Congratulations on a job well done.

Charles Reilly

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Run to first

Dear ER:

On Friday, after returning from a long trip, I saw a sign that said the July 4 Fireworks in Redondo Beach has been changed to July 1, a Sunday, at Seaside Lagoon. I asked one of the council members why and was told the police does not have enough manpower for the Firecracker 5K run/walk in the a.m. and the Fireworks in the p.m. on July 4. I understand this problem. This change has now been put on the schedule for the next 20 years to have the fireworks on the Sunday prior to July 4. What is the 4th without fireworks? Change the 5K race to the Sunday before July 4 and have the fireworks on July 4. The race does not designate an age old tradition of July 4, but the fireworks do. This year, the city will have people coming to see the fireworks display, because it’s been a long tradition in Redondo Beach and those who do not live right in the city to see the signs will come anyway. And having the fireworks at Seaside Lagoon will limit where people can go to see the fireworks. Our family has been going down to the grass above the pier for 25 years to view the fireworks, but even on July, having it from Seaside Lagoon will make that viewing area unavailable. The city has made a mistake and needs to make a change. If they don’t change this next year, I say, just cancel any fireworks and save the city some money. Of course, no matter what, the city will lose money from all those people who come to Redondo for July 4 just to stay to see the fireworks. Without the fireworks on July 4, they will go elsewhere.

Vicky Oetzell

Redondo Beach resident

Tear down that deck

Dear ER:

Mr. Hennessy, take down this deck (“Hennessey sues over dining deck removal order,” ER June 7, 2018). The Riviera Village Dining Deck Pilot Program is a sham. I suspect it was an idea born of certain, former elected city representatives tossing back a few with Paul Hennessey and agreeing to some extra, outside dining would be great at Hennessey’s Rebel Republic restaurant. This turned into a pilot program with an applicant of one. The previous City Council was misguided because this never should have been allowed, even if many applicants had participated. The taking of public parking and repurposing it for a select one or even few to profit is wrong. That should be the real takeaway in all of this bluster. Results of Village business surveys and how many supporters the Rebel Republic dining deck has are moot. But now that  Hennessey isn’t taking down the deck and is suing the city, it gets personal because it’s our resident tax dollars defending the city. This means even dining-deck lovers are impacted.

I’ve heard the idea to have the public overtake the deck for a public picnic. But I think more appropriate (though admittedly civilly disobedient and dangerous) would be for someone to drive a junker into the dining deck, to flatten it and get it back to what it should be — public parking for all businesses of the Riviera Village.

Lara Duke

Redondo Beach

Waiting for answers

Dear ER:

Hermosa Beach residents submitted 60 questions to Hermosa Beach city environmental analyst Kristy Morris and to the City Council in regards to the Proposed Greenbelt Stormwater Infiltration Project (“Hermosa Beach Greenbelt infiltration project to clean up local beaches, ER April 5, 2018). To date, we have received no answers to any of the questions, even though we were promised  responses by May 17. We expect answers to our questions prior to the June 19 City Council meeting.

Maria Haase

Hermosa Beach

Bias ahead

Dear ER:

It was wryly amusing to juxtapose Easy Reader’s hyperbolic headline heralding the passage of Measure MB (“Measure MB parcel tax passes with flying colors,” ER June 7, 2018) against the one published in The Beach Reporter (“2.6M Parcel Tax Squeaks to Victory”). Despite an extremely vigorous campaign by proponents and the inclusion of a questionably-motivated senior exemption, this parcel tax eked out a victory by a mere 1.3% above the super-majority threshold required for such measures by state law, hardly a banner moment. Please keep the editorializing contained to the appropriate pages.

Stephanie Robins

Manhattan Beach

Same old politics

Dear ER:

I think 66th Assembly District Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi is ignoring the entire reason I ran for his seat in the primary, against  against a fellow Democrat (“Muratsuchi, Scotto move on to November,) ER June 7, 2018). Thinking that votes for me would go to him is a bad assumption. As Republican candidate Frank Scotto states above, a major issue is local control, as well as the constant barrage of taxes that incumbent Democrats place upon taxpayers. Muratsuchi also broke his promises regarding the bullet train, and was criticised by SCAQMD Chairman Burke for his lack of leadership. Plus his incredible record of Did Not Votes on bills shows a lack of courage to take a position on issues. Our district deserves better. The question will be whether Frank Scotto can make his case. So far he has only addressed local control and gas tax. What about the refinery, and especially local hate groups and their leaders? Of course Muratsuchi also did not vote for SB54, making California a sanctuary state, which is the technical equivalent of a No vote, so his tolerance of undocumented people including those who have served in our military is suspect as well. It appears to be another lesser of two evils decision.

Caney Arnold

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