Letters to the Editor 6-20-24

Say no more

Dear ER:

The e-bike enforcement in Hermosa Beach this past weekend was long overdue (“Police Beat: E-bike violations, ER June 13, 2024). The fact that 100 citations were issued is proof of just how bad the problem is. Hopefully enforcements will continue.

Robert Aronoff

Hermosa Beach


The 3% solution

Dear ER: 

I am so happy Hermosa is going to implement geofencing for the 3% of rental bikes who might otherwise go on The Strand and Pier Plaza. Now if we could deal with the other 97% who go 30-40 mph, don’t wear helmets, drive in an unsafe manner, stray onto The Strand, and Pier Avenue, and  drive after dark going the wrong way without a light. I was happy to see that some cities, including Redondo have put a 15 mph speed limit in place for e-bikes. 

Tim Harrison

Hermosa Beach



Dear ER:

Garish. Tawdry. Gaudy. These are only some of the words that describe the new mural on the Manhattan Beach Fire Department headquarters on 15th Street. When you first see it, you can’t help but be shocked since it is so crudely and tastelessly showy.  Surely there is a better way to spend our City’s Public Art Trust Funds?

Yes, our City’s Public Art Trust Funds have given us some great murals, art in public

places. However, recently, with the 3-D Shark mural, and the Fire Department mural fiasco, it seems the City is losing its way as to what the residents of our community want regarding public art.

The Public Art Trust Fund Ordinance and Policy were adopted over 20 years ago.  Although the ordinance permits funds to be used for different types of art, policy restricts the use of funds to only one type of project, art in public places, murals only.  

It’s time for the City Council to explore amending the policy so funds could be used for different types of art projects and programs.   

the best art galleries and exhibits in town are in our Roundhouse Aquarium? From ceiling to floor, there are exquisite murals and art. The galleries and exhibits recreate life under water with live art, sea animals and vegetation from right off our coast. Since its grand opening, almost one million visitors have seen this great art in the Roundhouse Aquarium   

Mark Burton

Manhattan Beach


Not so F.A.R

Dear ER:

The Beach Cities Health District hasn’t been able to secure funding or a partnership with anyone for eight years. Their inability to do so has nothing to do with recent Redondo city council discussions related to F.A.R. (floor area ratio). BCHD’s first public meeting about their Health Living Campus concept was in 2017. Mom (she’s been on my case to write this for her) says no way will she vote for a BCHD bond measure. They haven’t even submitted a project for approval. They want to raise our taxes without an approved project?”h paid executives at our expense is all they do.

Steve Randall

ERNews comment


Proud Vets

Dear ER:

Ron Kovic has done a great job of dealing with his return from Nam, he should be proud (“Ron Kovic releases new book,” ER June 13, 2024.) I’m glad he’s still well and writing. That war was devastating and the Wall tells it all. I was swept up in the draft in early ‘67 and sent to Vietnam as a rifleman. Arguably, the worst position to be in.

Peter Rech

ERNews comment


Biden his time

Dear ER:

I am so tired of the TDS (Trump derangement syndrome) displayed by Matt Wuerker’s cartoons in Easy Reader. Apparently he can think of no cartoon material about Joe Biden. Nothing about the wide open Southern border, our enemies laughing at us and our allies not trusting us. No material to be found about the highest inflation since Jimmy Carter, or energy dependence and sky high gasoline prices. What about Biden‘s buffoonery, stumbling, and mumbling, even while reading from a Teleprompter! Isn’t it time for the Easy Reader to offer its readership some political diversity? How about some conservative point of view cartoons now and then? You need another cartoonist.

Pierce Marcus

Hermosa Beach


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