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Letters to the Editor 7-12-18

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Fourth on the 1st best ever

Dear ER:

Easy Reader LiveMarket

The July fireworks show in Redondo Beach was awesome and probably the best ever. And even better, the Esplanade was not so over-crowded like it is on the 4th and no crazy people were shooting off dangerous fireworks (“Redondo fireworks offer delight, confusion,” ER July 5, 2018). Everyone was nice and polite. The icing on the cake was the trumpet music by Pete “TrumPete” Carlson, serenading us during the show with patriotic songs at the corner of Avenue C and The Esplanade! There were other cities that also changed the dates of their fireworks shows and some even cancelled them. Hopefully, next year the Torrance Beach show will be back and everyone will be happy again!

Susan McClure

Trouble fast approaching

Dear ER:

This week’s Los Angeles Times report on the injuries and near death experiences of pedestrian encounters with electric vehicles on sidewalks is quite sobering and in need of the beach cities setting rules. Is the Strand a sidewalk or street? Pedal assist bikes will hit 28 mph and that is on Hermosa’s 8 mph max Strand. I have seen seven or so variations of motor driven vehicles on

The Strand. It could be your child or grandchild who gets hit, even maybe you. This is in direct contradiction to what the beach cities Blue Zones recommend: exercise, not sitting while the engine does the work. Enough said, now I’m hitting The Strand on my Harley 1700cc Fat Boy and won’t go over 50.

Don Guild

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa THRIVEs

Dear ER:

Glad to see THRIVE and the Council are working to help businesses succeed in Hermosa Beach while also ensuring local residents quality of life is not being negatively affected (“Entertainment permits could aid business in Hermosa Beach,” ER July 5, 2018).

Ian Sachs

Hermosa Beach

Saw it coming

Dear ER:

Nimbys everywhere. If you bought a house close to the Galleria, you had to expect that new development would happen someday (Galleria redevelopment approved by Redondo Planning Commission, to be appealed by Lawndale, ER July 5, 2018). There’s a point where they can go too far, sure, but this project is well within reason, and I personally would have even kept the units on Kingsdale.

Jorge Garcia

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Old technology

Dear ER:

Mass transit is definitely necessary, but rail is arcane. (“South Bay residents, politicians and businesses fret as LA Metro plans Green Line extension, ER July 5, 2018). Why used fixed tracks that provide less flexibility than the existing freeway and street system? Other than someone needs a contract to build stuff? We have express buses such as the Silver Line on the 110. It’s already proven to work well. Did anyone notice that businesses and homes are going to have to be bought out, with the owners likely losing out. Why destroy people’s property and livelihood when we have alternatives? And why isn’t Metro at least studying bus alternatives given the buses are already progressing to all electric? If it’s an inferior solution, then show the analysis. When people hide information there’s usually a reason. Someone profits by having a rigged analysis.

Casey Arnold

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Gentleman prefers trains

Dear ER:

I use both busses and trains regularly, and I can tell you I vastly prefer trains when I have the option (“South Bay residents, politicians and businesses fret as LA Metro plans Green Line extension, ER July 5, 2018). They are level access, they board faster, and they typically come at closer intervals.

Shawn Sörbom

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Fender bender

Dear ER:

Metro will kill the Green Line themselves if they expect people from Torrance or Redondo Beach to eventually have to transfer near LAX to ride the Green Line the rest of the way (“South Bay residents, politicians and businesses fret as LA Metro plans Green Line extension, ER July 5, 2018). They plan to have the present Green Line from Norwalk go north to Crenshaw and Exposition instead of running like it now does. The South Bay portion would become like a short feeder line to near LAX, where people would have to transfer. Presently there are no buses that connect the Redondo Beach/Marine Station with the South Bay cities. There is one Metro bus that serves the station and it goes to Inglewood. The Metro Silver Line does a good job but it needs to be converted to rail as well because it is so crowded that it is standing room only, especially during peak times. In addition it would be helpful if buses from the South Bay would have connecting bus service to the Harbor Gateway Station that ran more often than once every 45 to 60 minutes.

Rick Beaver

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Soul killer

Dear ER:

Any comments not in support of mass transit are arcane and, most likely, selfishly motivated (“South Bay residents, politicians and businesses fret as LA Metro plans Green Line extension, ER July 5, 2018). While Europe, Canada and so many other places worldwide recognize that mass transit is a vital part of any modern society, out here the ‘wild west’ mentality limps on. Mass transit in LA (remember the plans for monorails for LA) is a vital necessity to weave the city together. It is not ‘the’ solution nor will it replace cars. But it is a vital part of a well-functioning city. LA’s “soul-deadening” traffic, as Elon Musk calls it, is killing us all. The green line must reach all the way to San Pedro and then link to the blue line in Long Beach. That would finally give citizens and alternative to their cars.

Laureen Vivian

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Cool Cop

While I was performing at a fantastic Fourth of July block party a Redondo Beach motor cop pulled up in front of the stage. It was a loud gig and I assumed he was going to tell us to turn it down. I noticed stars on his shoulder and when he removed his helmet it was Chief Keith Kaufman. When he approached I pulled him up onstage and introduced him to the large crowd. I told everyone what a great asset Chief Kauffman is to our community and how lucky Redondo is to have him as Police chief. He got a big ovation and a big grin on his face.

The Chief hung out for a while and connected with the community. There were plenty of motorcycle enthusiasts there and he talked with them about his new bike. He’s a total rockstar and represents true leadership. It was so refreshing to see in Redondo.

Paul Moses

Redondo Beach

Torrance the problem

Dear ER:

What Easy Reader fails to also mention is that most Torrance residents who spoke out at the  Metro meeting also think Hawthorne Blvd. is the best option (“South Bay residents, politicians and businesses fret as LA Metro plans Green Line extension, ER July 5, 2018). In fact, there were many in Torrance who wanted the line to run to Del Amo rather than where the City of Torrance is breaking ground on their transit center. I guess Torrance Mayor Furey is not listening.

Bruce Szeles

Redondo Beach

Walk and work

Dear ER:

How about some parking for those of us who work down here (“Manhattan parking meters extended after 6 p.m.,” ER July 5, 2018). Everything is two hours because of the nimbys and abuse by contractors and their work trucks in the neighborhoods. You have to walk blocks To Redondo Beach just to work in Manhattan.

Kevin J. Previtali

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The Manhattan approach

Dear ER:

Manhattan has taken a very enlightened approach to make it easy to enjoy a dinner and a walk in downtown Manhattan Beach . (“Manhattan parking meters extended after 6 p.m.,” ER July 5, 2018). Meanwhile in Hermosa Beach, where our city council has its collective heads in the sand, the meters are limited to two hours and have recently been extended until 2 a.m.

Bob Atkins

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