Must Know About Showing Affection In Public

Being in love, just like swinger couples, is one of the most exciting feelings. The very first moments of closeness, the very first butterflies, and very first goosebumps. With time all this magic gradually transforms in the trustful and supportive connection between two individuals. If things go as planned, in the next few months, everyone in your surrounding already knows his or her name, favorite movies, and least favorite foods. But what if things don’t happen as in a typical soap opera?

Imagine that instead of confidence and trust in this relationship, you feel anxious to share it with anyone else. What if you do not feel comfortable show your relationships on the public and even in the closest circle of friends? Should one, who is not that open and confident like people not ashamed of participating in life under cam activities, feel wrong when things do not go as we are used to seeing on TV and Netflix? No, no and no, and here is why!

Holding Hands In Public Or Keeping It All To Yourself?

If you are not an adherer to passionate public manifestation of your love and feelings, there is nothing wrong with you. Yes, there are couples who take their own lives one step further by being active members of live streaming projects. This takes not only courage but also extreme confidence in own relationships. However, if this is not your scenario, no worries. There is a place for all kind of love manifestations however reserved these may be.

There might be different ways of showing each other your affection and sympathy. Whether it happens out of people’s view or in a public place, this situation will only be of importance to both of you as really nobody would ever bother to care. Therefore, if you are still not confident with how to express your feelings and emotions in groups of friends or close relatives, below are a few suggestions for you:


  • start with a light hand grip: to become more comfortable with each other outdoors, it is worth trying to begin with gentle and almost seamless hands holding. With time you will feel more and more comfortable doing this and thus overcome the hurdle of being in public with the loved one:


    • discuss it openly with a partner: make sure that both of you are on the same page and know each other wishes. Open discussions and honesty are crucial for long-term relationships success. Set the boundaries and make sure to stay within them. With time they may change but again upon your negotiations;


  • be honest with your friends: often discomfort comes from the fact that nobody knows about this relationship. Therefore, to create a smooth transaction from a forever along a friend to a friend in a relationship in the eyes of the friends, make sure to properly prepare the grounds.


In the end, being a couple outside of the comfort zone may be quite challenging. However, this challenge can definitely be overcome with each other’s support and power of love.



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