Police Beat: MB bad boys, my ebike, odd couple and more ebikes

by Liz Mullen

MB bad boys 

The Manhattan Beach Police Department is investigating an incident in which 10 juveniles accosted three juveniles, striking one of them and stealing property.

The incident occurred on May 4 at the Metlax Plaza. MBPD officers were called to the scene after someone reported juveniles were fighting.

When MBPD officers arrived, they found the group of 10 had fled, after punching one of the three juvenile victims in the face. Members of the 10-juvenile group also stole a necklace belonging to one of the three victims, and an e-bike battery from another victim. The third juvenile victim was punched in the face.

The three victim juveniles told officers they didn’t recognize any of the group of 10 kids who accosted them. The kid who was punched did not request or require medical attention. The officers called the three kids’ parents, who picked them up.

Another robbery occurred in Manhattan Beach on May 4 on the 1800 block of Rosecrans Avenue. 

A person was talking on their cell phone when a white Range Rover pulled up. Two suspects in the Range Rover approached the victim and grabbed the cell phone out of the person’s hand. The suspects then drove away in the Range Rover. 

The MBPD, using surveillance video, were able to get the license plate number of the Range Rover. Hawthorne Police Department officers saw the vehicle and made a traffic stop.

An investigation revealed that these two suspects were wanted for pulling off a similar robbery in Downey.

Downey Police Department officers drove to Hawthorne, arrested the suspects and took them into custody.


Hey, that’s my e-bike

What started out as a call to police about someone disturbing the peace ended up with MBPD officers finding a stolen bicycle on May 5.

MBPD officers responded to a call about a disturbance in the area of 6th and Crest and saw the suspect riding a bike. The suspect tried to evade the officers by riding the bike into the Vons market.

A shopper saw the suspect on the bike and told officers that the bicycle was theirs.  An investigation revealed that the suspect had stolen the shopper’s bike from their garage shortly before MBPD arrived on the scene.

There were 48 police reports taken in Manhattan Beach during the week of May 2 to May 8. Two, as reported, were for robbery, nine were for theft, three were for vandalism, two were for vehicle burglary, one was for auto theft and one was for a residential burglary. There were no burglaries of businesses during the week.


Mayday for e-bikes in Hermosa

May 1 was mayday for electric bicycles, and an electric scooter in Hermosa Beach. Police were dispatched to deal with a residential burglary and two thefts involving three e-bikes.

On 13th Street and Beach Drive, a suspect cut the lock securing an electric bicycle and rode off on the stolen bike. Hermosa Beach Police Department officers caught up with this suspect, at which point the suspect dumped the bike and fled on foot.

HBPD officers located and detained this suspect, who was found to be in possession of burglary tools, paraphernalia, metal knuckles and an imitation firearm.

On the 00 block of 15th Street, a suspect entered a residence’s balcony and made off with an electric scooter, despite being confronted by a local worker who recorded the theft.

Then, on the 1600 block of Pacific Coast Highway, batteries were stolen from two electric bicycles that were locked.

HBPD Chief Paul LeBaron told Easy Reader earlier this year that the theft of e-bike batteries was a fairly new trend that the department is watching. The batteries can be “popped” out of the bicycle, even if it is locked, LeBaron noted.


Hermosa odd couple

Hermosa Beach Police Department officers were called three times to deal with feuding roommates who live on the 300 block of 10th Street.

On April 27, one roommate spit on and then mooned the other roommate.

On April 30, both roommates mooned each other and blasted pepper spray at each other.

On May 1, one of the roommates alleged the other was responsible for a vehicle’s flat tire.


Cell phone ransom

HBPD officers responded to a variety of fraud and scam reports, including  the case of a person who found a lost cell phone and offered to give it back to the owner…for a reward.

The phone had been left on a bench on the 00 block of Pier Avenue on May 3.

An unknown suspect called the cell’s owner and said the phone would be returned, but only if a reward was received.

In another case, a victim provided personal information and money as part of a deal to rent an apartment, only to find out there was no apartment.

HBPD also took reports regarding unauthorized credit card use and a person who invested in cryptocurrency after conversing with a stranger about it on the Facebook Messenger app.

HBPD officers found and returned to owners two wallets and a purse. Additionally, a silver airsoft revolver was found in a bush by a homeowner who was gardening.


More stolen e-bikes, in Redondo

There were four residential burglaries during the week of April 26 to May 2, including one in which the home was occupied.

A secured and occupied residence on the 600 block of The Esplanade was burglarized on April 29 and a wallet, cash, a government access card and a BMW vehicle were stolen. A suspect was arrested and the vehicle was later recovered.

The three other residential burglaries involved thieves entering garages. Electric bicycles were stolen in two of those burglaries.

There were six vehicle burglaries in Redondo during the week of April 26 to May 2. In one car break-in, a radar detector was stolen from a Mercedes SUV on the 2200 block of Green Lane.

A suspect robbed an open store on the 1500 block of Hawthorne Boulevard on April 29, taking New Amsterdam Peach Vodka, Patron Silver Tequila, 1800 Silver Tequila and D’Usse Cognac.

This suspect actually scanned the items at the register, but his card was declined. He took the liquor and left, threatening to hit an employee if he was followed. ER


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