Ranked-choice voting up for vote March 7

Redondo Beach is one of few California cities which elects its city attorney. Photo by Kevin Cody

Redondo Beach voters will decide next week whether to make a change to city election practices. Ranked-choice voting is on the ballot. 

In this system, people vote for a list of candidates, in order of preference. If a voter’s top choice does not win, and no candidate receives a majority, voters’ second and third choices are used to decide winners.

Ranked-choice would apply to Redondo city elective offices, similar to what an increasing number of cities, counties and states have done across the U.S., including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Ojai. Maine and Alaska do it statewide, ranked-choice being a factor in Alaska’s Senate race last year. 

The change in Redondo Beach would not include the school board. Ballots are due at City Hall on March 7, or postmarked on that date. ER


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