The wedding song, aboard Southwest Flight 3267

[Editor’s note: The following is longtime South Bay musician Howard Payne’s account of how he came to sing a wedding song to a newly engaged couple on Southwest Flight 3267.]

I was flying home to LA after performing in Kansas City, when a little while after take off the flight attendant asked Ryan and Ashley to please come up front.

Ryan got down on one knee and proposed & everyone went wild. So when the flight attended came by I stopped her and told her that I’m a professional musician and I specialize in improv songs and that I had my guitar with me and if she thought it was appropriate I could create a song for the newly betrothed couple. So she conspired to have the couple’s friends surreptitiously pass up some info to me on scrap paper & napkins.

In about 15 minutes or so I pressed the call button and told her I was ready. She said why don’t you come up front and sing it over the microphone. I still have the scraps of paper a nice note from Ryan and Ashley and some nice memories of flight 3267 last Sept. 19th on my favorite airline — Southwest. I’m glad they let us bring the guitars on board. ER

Flight Proposal Song
(Ashley and Ryan)

She’s from southern California
He’s from Tampa Bay
Fate brought them together in Andover Kansas
And love took them the rest of the way

They were high school sweethearts and huge K State Wildcat fans
So it’s only fitting that on the way to the big game
He presented his romantic plans

Here’s to Ashley and Ryan and to higher love
Today they joined a special kind of mile high club

They’re both in public relations
So Ryan choreographed it to a tee
They were called up in front of the airplane
And Ryan got down on one knee

And the whole place started cheering
The moment that Ashley said yes
And the flight attendants broke out the Kleenex and the champagne
Compliments of Southwest

Here’s to Ashley and Ryan and to higher love
Today they joined a special kind of mile high club

And we’ll always remember
The excitement and the fun
On Southwest flight 3627
When Ashley became the future Mrs. Hamilton


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