Top 5 Hidden places to visit in Hawthorne

Hawthorne is one of the cities located in the south-western part of Los Angeles County, California. This is a small city with more than 85,000 residents living there. It is located in the heart of Southern California, between the two highways, making it easy for the visitors to easily access ample attractions found in the area and around the city. Proximity to beautiful beaches and coastal towns, making it more beautiful than before. Hawthorne is just 10-15 minutes’ drive away from the area’s most beautiful beaches and nature. People who are beachgoers and sun-seekers would love to be in this place.


History of the city


It was founded in 1905, founded by B.L handing and H.D Lombard as the “Hawthorne Improvement Company”. Mainly, the city was named after Nathaniel Hawthorne, and a decision was put forward and made a decision to name the city after him. The city was commonly called a sundown town.


What are the top places to visit in Hawthorne, California?


If you’re visiting the city for the first time or you’re a resident of the city. In these cases, there are plenty of places that one should visit to explore the city. Here, we are telling you the 5 Hidden places that one should visit if he/she is in Hawthorne or planning to come.


● Gourmet Market and Eagle Rider Tours


The Gourmet Market is located in Prairie Avenue, it is one of the best markets for continental food also known as Continental Gourmet market. This market has a unique way of doing things such as the food network hosted by Alton Brown, which was the first one to drive to the market across the country just to try their empanadas and food dishes. Residents have given the A grading rate to the market, making it the best place to go and have food. One of their specialties is Mexican food which is made with Latin American spices in ingredients and recipes. There are plenty of reasons why customers come back to the same place 100th time also. This market specializes in different foods from mainly three places Argentina, Chile, and Peru. If you’re a biker and love adventures then you’re at the right place. Eagle Rider rentals and tours are one of the biggest motorcycles companies. They have different offices in different parts of the world be it Europe, Australia, and other American cities. But most importantly, they have a shop in downtown Hawthorne. If you’re wishing to explore the city with a ride on a motorcycle, then your wish is completed. You can rent a motorcycle and have the best experience of riding through the small streets of Hawthorne. They have top-notch bike brands such as Harley – Davidson, BMW, Honda, and everything is managed and looked at by the professionals.


● Azu Canela and Al Watan Halal


We all know how often we crave a hot cup of coffee every time our stomachs are empty. If you’re looking for a one-stop for coffee, bakery, food, etc then Azucanela is the place. Azucanela is a part coffee shop, part bakery, part restaurant, and traditional cafe altogether, this place will give you a vibe that nowhere else could be found. The interior is designed with a cool and festive vibe mainly of American Decor. The entire restaurant gave an extensive menu with ample options to choose from, comfortable seats, beautiful and positive aroma. And the efficient staff that helps people in everything. And also, if you’re looking for something in Middle Eastern eateries then you can find Al Watan halal restaurant located on Inglewood Avenue. If you’re planning to shift to Hawthorne, you can reach out to the Hawthorne moving company or Hawthorne movers. They will help you with relocation to Hawthorne. The menu of the restaurant is phenomenal featuring authentic food dishes such as kabob, tikka masala, naan bread, etc. You can find all the traditional food items here. The restaurants have specials on their special days of the week. The restaurant has a traditional approach to doing things.


● Town Music Hall


Are you a music lover? If yes, and if you’re finding a place where you can live and explore the music then the town music hall in Hawthorne, located in El Segundo is the place for you. Old town music hall is a must-visit attraction for all the music lovers and visitors across the world. The town music hall specializes in the music of the late ’60s making it more fun and adding value to the entertainment. It mainly showcases classic and silent music from movies with live music concerts.


● The Amazing Light gate


The light gate in Hawthorne only opens twice a year. It is one of the greatest visitor’s attraction in the area even though it is open or not. It is the greatest work of contemporary art that has been positioned in such a way that sun rays only fall twice a year and then only the gate gets opened. One at the start of January and the other in the middle of November. On these two days, the gate’s glass center refracts the same, making it a beautiful vibrant spectrum of different colors. This piece of art has lined up in the posture of natural and artistic attractions.


● Redondo County Beach


Are you a lover of surf, sand, and sun? If yes, then Redondo county beach is the place for you. Just a 10-minute drive away from Hawthorne, California. It has the best pacific coastline from all the other beaches in Hawthorne. It has a plethora of other things and amenities, including a park and seating areas making it more fun. Walking down the sun on the sand on a sunny day is one of the most popular beach tends and popular activities of all the time. So, are you visiting Hawthorne? If not, then you should visit it. And once you are here then do visit all the 5 hidden places that we mentioned above in the article.


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