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Uzuelli makes best of weak conditions to win SB Boardriders/Dive N’ Surf contest in Manhattan Beach

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Brazilian Juliano Uzuelli makes the weak surf at the SBBC/Dive N’ Surf contest look fun. Photo by Brad Jacobson

Brazilian pro surfer Juliano Uzuelli made the bumpy, knee high surf look good in winning the open men’s  division of the South Bay Boardriders/Dive N’ Surf contest last Saturday at 26th Street in Manhattan Beach. Mira Costa surfer Megan Seth used her home court advantage to win the open women’s division. Seth also won the Junior Women (18 and under) division.

The sixth and final contest of this winter’s contest series is Saturday, April 21 at the Manhattan Beach Pier. Spyder Surf is the sponsor. The following weekend, the Hermosa Beach Surfer Walk of Fame events begin with a reception, photo exhibit and film at the Hermosa Beach Community Center Friday evening and the Walk of Fame inductions and Spyder Surf Fest on Saturday.

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  Open Men   Open Women   Juniors (18 & Under)
1 Juliano Uzuelli 1 Megan Seth 1 Rodney Buck
2 Shane Frontino 2 Lisa Boos 2 Shane Frontino
3 Alex Fry 3 Charlotte Sabina 3 Chad Parks
4 Nic Lamb 4 Olivia Lusby 4 Alex Fry
5 Shane Gallas 5 Ava Miller 5 Briggs Peus
6 Rodney Buck 6 Emily Seth 6 Kelly Murphy
  Junior Women (18 & Under)   Boys (14 & Under)   Groms (12 & Under)
1 Megan Seth 1 Ari Engel 1 Karsten Wanke
2 Lisa Boos 2 Brendan Griffin 2 Gavin Lusby
3 Ava Miller 3 Sam Moore 3 Kai Kushner
4 Olivia Lusby 4 Ryan Roberts 4 Matheus Sperb
5 Lana Gilligan 5 Daniel Boos 5 Nicholas Carroll
6   6 Lucas Horta 6 Giovanni Horta
  Micro-Groms (9 & Under)   Assisted Micro-Groms   Junior Longboard (18 & Under)
1 Cole Saffell 1 Cooper Wixom 1 Jake Rosenberg
2 Jonny Herrouin 2 Patrick Carroll 2 Philip Barnett
3 Jett Rocket Prefontaine 3 London Meza 3 Rodney Buck
4 Marlo Harris 4 Teagan Meza 4 Cash Cherry
5 Jack Barnes 5 Sawyer Abing 5 Rhett Messer
6 Remi Kushner 6 Luna Flores 6 Myles Gaffney
  Open Longboard (All Ages)   Legends (45+)    
1 Shane Gallas 1 Tom Seth    
2 Danny Glober 2 Scott Whitmer    
3 Troy Campbell 3 Jiro Ikeda    
4 Jiro Ikeda 4 Bill MacLeod    
5 Trevor Khan 5 Greg McEwan    
6 Johnny Hjorth 6 Todd Brooks    

Photos by Brad Jacobson


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