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Redondo Chief Kauffman cautions against division following George Floyd death

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Redondo Beach Police Chief Keith Kauffman.  Photo by Brad Jacobson/

by Keith Kauffman

Chief of Police, Redondo Beach

[Editor’s note: The following statement was released Saturday on social media]

When I watched the recent video I was shocked and appalled at the actions and inaction of the Minneapolis police officers that led to the tragic death of George Floyd. Where normally I would wait for additional facts before passing judgement on any officer in law enforcement, I already know enough to say that I’m saddened by these officers and the fact that their lack of human compassion was captured while donning the same metallic symbol of public trust that many of us have dedicated our lives to. 

Once again that badge is now tarnished and the years spent breaking down the barriers that have led to stronger police — our community relations, threatens to set us back and lead us back to the times of us versus them. I ask that our community use this tragedy not as a mechanism to promote division between the police and the public, but rather as the catalyst that prompts ongoing engagement and discussions with your police department as we are constantly seeking input on how best to protect you. Our department has a Vision that means more now than ever: we are the Community — Leading the Way in Law Enforcement. This call to action continues to transform our organization behind the principal that the police are the public and the public are the police. As you watch this play out and see people call for solutions, know that your police department embraces the solutions of embedding ourselves in the community so that we see and relate to one another on a human level, striving not to act or pass judgement because of the color of one’s skin or the badge on one’s chest.


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