7 Tips to Maintain Your Transmission and Avert Costly Repairs



Barring your car’s engine, the next most important and costly system in your car is the transmission system. It allows for the transfer of the power from the engine into the wheels. As you would imagine your car’s transmission is incredibly complex.


If you don’t take care of your transmission and it gets damaged as a result of this, you could have to spend $2000-$4000 to either rebuild it or replace it. You can, therefore, see why it’s so much important to maintain your transmission and have it serve you for the longest time. In this article, we will share with you our top 7 tips for keeping your car’s transmission in top shape without paying for costly Mercedes automatikgetriebe repair sessions. Read on to find out.


Make Sure You Regularly Check Your Transmission Fluid 



The transmission system of your car, just like other systems, has a specialized fluid that it uses to stay lubricated and ensure maximum operation of the gearbox. And while the fluid has an incredibly long life of up to 100,000 km, it does not last forever.


The good news is that checking the transmission fluid isn’t difficult. You only need to get your owner’s manual and find the transmission fluid receptacle, usually located under the hood. Next up, get the dipstick out while the engine is idling. 


After that, wipe clean the dipstick, and re-insert it. Then, remove it out after a few seconds. When your fluid is in perfect health, you will see that it is bright red in color, clear, and has a slightly sweet smell. If the transmission fluid is murky or dark and has a rotten smell, you should replace it ASAP. You will be best off seeing a transmission expert immediately to change your fluid for you and forestall further damage. 


If you don’t have time for this, you could have your fluid regularly checked by a professional, and any time you take it for Mercedes automatikgetriebe reparatur.


Follow the Severe Uses Schedule to Avoid Heat Damage


Heat transmission resulting from a worn-out transmission system is the reason for the majority of wear and tear that takes place on transmissions. In case your car is being driven in extreme conditions, you need to check your transmission more frequently. Extreme conditions include the following:

  • Driving regularly in temperatures that are 33 degrees or higher
  • Heavy driving in city traffic
  • Towing trailers and heavy loads on a regular basis.

In case you find that you drive under these conditions, you should change your fluid and filter every 30,000 km. And if you find yourself needing emergency towing services, make sure to contact a professional tow truck company for assistance.


Keep the Cooling System of your Engine in Proper Shape


Most people know that the cooling system and the radiator help to keep the engine cool. But the majority of others don’t know that the cooling system also helps in preventing the transmission fluid pumping through your gearbox from overheating.


The transmission system is as delicate as they come. Hence, you must ensure that it does not overheat. Ensure there is sufficient coolant, and that the cooling system is in overall perfect shape. It preserves your engine and also your transmission.


Be Careful About Changing Gears


The transmission system is so delicate that even changing gears improperly can damage it. For instance, accidentally shifting the car into reverse as you drive, or bending it to get the car to park before it stops completely, can cause great damage to the transmission system.

With time, these behaviors will put considerable tears onto the transmission. If not checked, this can develop into a serious mechanical issue. Make sure never to reverse when the car is still in motion or shift into park while it’s moving. Be patient and ensure it stops completely first. 


Also, ensure you use the parking brake when you park on any type of incline. Although most automatic transmission vehicles have a pawl that prevents backward movement when you park on an inclined area, the pin is not robustly sturdy. Failing to use your parking brake will make the pin wear out fast and before you know it, it will fail. 


The secret is to ensure that you always use the parking brake anytime you find yourself on an incline. It’s a simple practice but one that can save your transmission from being worn out quickly. 


Take Your Vehicle For Annual Transmission Inspection and Checks


Prevention, they say, is better than cure. Having done a yearly comprehensive car inspection and auto glass replacement if you notice cracks or chips on your windshield from a reputable windshield replacement shop like ATT24 will go a long way into maintaining your vehicle. This also needs to include a check on the transmission. 

Through regular inspection, you can catch any likely problems early, letting you save money on it. It’s better than waiting for it to become a full-blown crisis.


Learn Transmission Basics


This is not to suggest that you should enroll in a course about transmission repair. Instead, do some homework about your type of vehicle and its transmission. The owner’s manual is a great resource that will enable you to have a bit of understanding about how your car’s transmission works. Another thing is to search your vehicle on Google or other search engines to know about the transmission system it uses and the fluid color that it should show when healthy. Also, learn about potential problems and what to do in case of malfunctioning of your transmission system. The next time you take your vehicle for an oil change, make sure you ask your repair technician for simple info and tips about your transmission.


When Transmissions is Damaged


We would wish that your transmission never fails. However, it’s good for you to know the tell-tale signs of a transmission problem. Since you are the one who knows your vehicle better than anybody, should you feel a change in how the vehicle shifts gears like strange noises or how the clutch feels, we advise you to take your Mercedes to your transmission repair shop for a check.


Typically, you will get many warning signs before your transmission fails completely. Usually, the warning signs are enough for you to know that you need to take your car for service before it gets damaged. If you suspect a transmission issue, take it to your mechanic immediately. Never wait for the day of the service to have the matter checked. It could become very costly.


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