Best family law attorney: Karina Pozsar

Attorney Karina Pozsar. Courtesy photo

Attorney Karina Pozsar. Courtesy photo

Of all areas of law, none can match family law for bitterness and intensity of disagreement.  

Surrounded by this swirl of emotions, attorney Karina Pozsar has come to see the importance of remaining calm, even when her clients are not.

“People panic. All of a sudden, people are freaking out. You need to tell them that you’ve seen this a million times, calm them down, walk them through it,” Pozsar said.

The combative nature of family law cases provides, in Pozsar’s words, “more drama than a soap opera,” and can quickly become petty. (She recently worked on a community property dispute over a beanbag chair.) Keeping an even countenance in such situations has two purposes Pozsar said. Not only does it reassure clients, but it also prevents the emotional toll of highly personal cases from inhibiting her performance in the courtroom.

“You have to disengage. You can’t allow yourself to personalize cases. It’s hard enough to not think about cases nonstop. You have to remember that this is somebody else’s life, and you need to be objective,” Pozsar said.

Despite the difficulty, Pozsar embraces the challenge offered by her practice, where she handles divorce, custody and paternity cases, as well as some domestic violence matters. She is especially interested in helping fathers in custody cases, who she said often get short-changed.

And while she may be calm and understanding with her clients, she is a vigorous advocate, not afraid to go before a judge.

“If you can settle that’s great. But I’m in court almost every single day,” Pozsar said.

She has her share of clear-cut wins, as when she is successful in a move-away custody case. But victory is a relative term in family law, she said. Unlike a civil case, where a jury finds for one party or the other, family law cases usually leave both parties with something to be happy about, as well as something to resent. By providing a sense of perspective, and listening to a client’s priorities, she is able to help clients find happiness amidst what is likely the hardest time of their lives.

“When the client is crying in happiness at the end, that makes it really worthwhile,” Pozsar said.

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