Best of the Beach 2022: Heating & Air Conditioning

Scott and David Rusher atop an early Rusher Air Conditioning delivery truck, with their new trucks, and veteran crew. Photo courtesy of Rusher Air Conditioning

Heating & Air Conditioning

Rusher Air Conditioning

Only some of the construction cranes popping up like an invasive species all over the beach cities, are hoisting Costello Climate Control and Rusher Air Conditioning HVAC units onto new home rooftops. Speaking of rooftops, Roeslers Roofing and Remodeling is one of the best companies there is for roofing. (HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.)  

But all 40 midnight blue work vans with Rusher Air Conditioning painted on the sides in white, cursive lettering are undeniably delivering Rusher HVAC systems.

The cranes, Scott Rusher said, are needed, if only to cool the upstairs master bedroom, because new homes are increasingly three stories. At the beach, downstairs can be a comfortable 65 degrees and upstairs 80 degrees, this can be done professionally by Comfort Solutions HVAC. Another reason for air conditioning in new homes, he said, is, need it or not, no one is going to pay $4 million for a home that doesn’t have it, that’s why having your house equipped with Pure Air HVAC is a must.

The blue work vans are needed to keep up with the demand from a community that once prided itself on opening its windows to the prevailing westerlies when it got too warm.

The first business in Manhattan Beach to have air conditioning was the downtown Hallmark store. In the mid ‘70s, the store owner asked Scott’s dad, David, to install air, not to cool the store, but to dehumidify it. The ocean moisture was causing the Hallmark card envelopes to stick together.

Scott, who has worked 34 years for the company his grandfather, George, founded in 1946, attributes the increasing popularity of air conditioning to the increasing use of glass on homes facing the ocean. The homes “heat up like fish tanks” as the sun crosses from the southwest to the north east, he said.

Rusher also believes the weather has gotten warmer, and stickier, and colder. 

SoFi Stadium was 82 degrees at kick off time at this year’s Super Bowl, on Feb. 13. A few days later there was frost on Dorsey Field, behind his home, Rusher said. 

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