BLACK LIVES MATTER Bruce’s Beach task force appointed

The Manhattan Beach City Council on Tuesday appointed members of the Bruce’s Beach task force. 

The 13-member task force grew out of community discussions and protests regarding the history of the city park, which a century ago was home to a resort that was owned by an African American family, Willa and Charles Bruce, and catered to the larger African American community of Los Angeles. The land was taken by the city through eminent domain after Klu Klux Klan agitation in one of the most bitter racist episodes in Manhattan Beach history. 

Applications for the task force were made available for all residents with an October 2 deadline. Over 100 people applied and 80 sat for interviews. On Tuesday, the council went through the selection process for the task force, which will be headed by councilmembers Steve Napolitano and Hildy Stern. 

“This is such a hard decision with 80 people letting us know how much they were interested in how much passion they have for this, plus the rest of those who unfortunately couldn’t attend the interview but are still still viable candidates,” said Stern. “You’re all our neighbors and our friends in our community, and it is going to be very, very difficult to come up with just the 13 plus the two alternates.” 

Each council member nominated one person to hold a seat on the task force and went through a round robin voting process until nominees accumulated three votes and were thus appointed. 

The task force will consist of Manhattan Beach residents Allison Hales, Anthony Lee, Isla Garraway, Lindsey Fox, Taylor Gamble, Amanda Park, Stephanie Caridad, Kristin Long Drew, Tyler St. Bernard, Lana Rizika, Kristi Ramirez-Knowles, Michael Jenkins, and Jarett Margolis. The two alternates are Eyana Carballo and Laura Kainsinger.

“A lot of great applicants,” said Napolitano. “We are blessed.” 

The task force will be responsible for redoing the plaque placed on the grassy hill of historic Bruce’s Beach as well as finding ways for the city to better recognize and learn from the history of the area. ER 


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