Easy Reader Letters to the Editor Aug 26, 2021: Vaccination questions, school masks, trees in the city

by Matt Wuerker

Dear ER: 



Dear ER:

Lindsey Burrell is the wife of my nephew (“another surge in the ICU,” ER August 19, 202). I think about her and  her co-workers everyday and pray for them. I have worked in a hospital and I know how hard nurses work on a “normal” day. I really wish everyone could read this and think about how dangerous this virus has been in so many ways. This article made me cry and it should do the same for everyone. God Bless and prayers to all the real heroes.

Cecilia Anderson

ERNews comment

It’s complicated

Dear ER:

Dr. Anita Sircar provides a touching and passionate plea for vaccination. I admire her dedication and am grateful for her service (“Letter to the Unvaccinated”, ER Aug. 19, 2021). But the question of vaccine safety and effectiveness is more complicated than Dr. Sircar’s claims that “the vaccinated are not dying from covid,, “those with breakthrough infections have only a few days of a bad cold,” and the vaccines have been delivered “without any evidence of overwhelming, catastrophic side effects.” LA County reported 5,900 breakthrough cases last week, approximately 30 percent of all cases. Breakthrough cases alone would put the county on the brink of the purple tier if the color coding system was still in effect (school closures, indoor dining ban, gatherings forbidden). And these aren’t all just mild cases — roughly 15 percent of COVID hospitalizations and deaths in the county are now occurring in fully vaccinated individuals. Then there is the CDC’s VAERS, which has logged reports of over 6,000 deaths and 500,000 serious side effects associated with the vaccines. These reports have not been rigorously verified, however the FDA is poised to approve the vaccines without any investigation of the VAERS data. If the FDA is confident that serious side effects are “exceedingly rare,” why won’t the government eliminate the legal immunity to liability that it has granted to the vaccine makers? Surely Moderna’s $140 billion increase in stock value over the last 18 months would cover any potential liabilities of a “safe” product.

Jim Butler

Hermosa Beach


End run to defund 

Dear ER:

Is the Los Angeles County District Attorney trying to “defund” our Manhattan Beach Police Department and other police departments? In examining his policy to not file or prosecute misdemeanors and the natural consequences of this policy, I believe that may be his goal. Here’s why. With misdemeanor arrests being 60 percent or more of all arrests, misdemeanor enforcement really is the foundation for law and order in a community. And, the total number of arrests plays a big part in determining the staffing of a police department. If the total number of arrests is reduced by 60 percent or more, then the number of officers you need may be proportionately reduced as well. Initially, police departments will most likely not stop making misdemeanor arrests as a result of the DA’s policy.  However, I think police departments will have no choice but to stop making misdemeanor arrests for risk management reasons. If police departments and their officers continue to make misdemeanor arrests, knowing the DA will not file or prosecute such arrests, it is only a matter of time before a civil rights lawsuit is filed in federal court. Importantly, these officers may not be entitled to qualified immunity since they made arrests with the knowledge that the person would  not be prosecuted. And, they could be liable for punitive damages for doing so. This litigation exposure will incentivize police departments to stop making misdemeanor arrests. For the above reasons, our community needs a Manhattan Beach City Prosecutor. 

Mark Burton

Manhattan Beach 


The breath of hope

Dear ER

Vinnie Tattu was an iconic figure at 16th Street, “hood” I grew up in (“Tattu was model for California lifestyle,” ERNews.com). I lived on Hermosa Avenue, surfed the north side of the pier and loved La Playita. Vinnie was a brother I may not have known as well as some, but we were connected by our mutual love for the life we were able to enjoy. I’m so freaking bummed to hear he has taken his own life. I want to tell those who may be suffering isolation or addiction, or any form of hopelessness that there is always hope if you have breath in your lungs and a heartbeat. Please ask for help and say a prayer. God sees in the dark and can hear your trembling, raging or whatever voice.

Daniel Bradford

Redondo Beach

Budget by comparison

Dear ER: 

The Beach City Health District is planning to build a privately owned residential facility for the elderly on public land in Redondo Beach. IThe construction will significantly disrupt the lives of residents for many years. When it is built, the elderly apartments will cost $12,000 per month in rent, a price higher than many residents in Redondo can afford. The purpose of this development, according to BCHD, is to bring additional revenue into the district in order to continue providing services for the community. An important question for Redondo residents is this:  Could there be an alternate solution for obtaining needed revenue? During the 2019-2020 budget year, BCHD received $14.3 million dollars in revenue and spent $2.2 on the community:  $1.1 million on grants/contracts plus $1.1 million to subsidize their case management and fitness centers. Let’s compare BCHD’s spending with Sequoia Health Care District, a similar district to BCHD.   Their revenue in 2019-2020 was $17 million yet Sequoia spent $10 million on their community:  $5.7 million on grants plus an additional $4.4 million on special programs such as their “School Health Program.” Sequoia Health Care District gives  58 percent of its revenue to the community while BCHD only gives 15 percent of its revenue to the community. Sequoia Health Care District’s secret to good stewardship of public funds is to keep their administrative expenses low.   Clearly this is the right solution for BCHD’s need for revenue rather than financializing public land for revenue gain and massive construction disruption.

Sheila W. Lamb

Redondo Beach


Optional not an option

Dear ER:

I don’t have children, but I am really surprised by parents who put theirs in such unnecessary danger by not having them wear masks (“Mask optional rally in Redondo Beach,” ER July 27, 2021). This notion of individual liberty does not apply when there is a global pandemic and your freedoms impact my health and well being. If that were not the case, we wouldn’t have laws protecting us from drunk drivers or the other laws that prevent stupid people from harming others. Recent statistics showing young people and kids getting seriously sick (enough to be sent to the hospital) are scary. I am sure anti vaxxers/anti maskers will attack me for this post. But I don’t care. I am fully vaxed, wear my mask in public indoor places, and am in good health. If you folks do insist on putting yourselves and your kids in mortal danger, then your peril is your doing.

Dan Rod



Summer school

Dear ER:

I live in Hermosa and kept my child out of school because of masks, even after they were allowed to go back last year (“Mask optional rally in Redondo Beach,” ER July 27, 2021). Now it is tough. He wants to go to school, but he wants the choice to opt out of mask. He’s not used to wearing one. None of the kids did, all summer.

Rebekah Castellano-Barrios


Great cities, great trees

Dear ER:

Thank you Redondo Beach City Council “Redondo to protect heritage trees, ER Aug. 19, 2021). Thanks also to Mara Lang, of the South Bay Parkland Conservancy, who has advocated for increased tree canopy in Redondo for some years. Great cities have great trees

Barbara Epstein

Redondo Beach


The center cannot hold

Dear ER:

Friday early evening my wife and I enjoyed a walk on The Strand and met the vagrant who is again, homesteading at the second beach restroom area. I asked him how long he plans on loitering here. He yelled back “F… you, as long as I want and not a damn thing you can do about it.”  We exchanged a few more words, and, since then, have been thinking much about this event. He may end up being right, if our elected leaders, DA, City Attorney, and City Council continue to ignore this recurring situation. If left to some of us caring citizens to do something, well, I am all in and open for suggestions. I feel I am not alone in finding intolerable the degrading of Hermosa Beach, as this grows to dozens of other vagrants trespassing with embolden confidence. Elected City council members, do not say there is nothing you can do. This cannot be embraced.

Brian Hilgers

Hermosa Beach



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