Essential Precautions to Take Against the Coronavirus for Every Individual

In 2020, many countries in the world have witnessed cases of COVID-19, the virulent coronavirus, with most experiencing outbreaks. Some countries, like China, have succeeded in slowing the outbreaks, but the situation is still unpredictable. 

You must stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 precautionary materials since these are regularly updated against scientific findings as the virus evolves. 

Here are some essential precautions to protect yourself and others against the spread of COVID-19:

Wash Your Hands or Sanitise Frequently

Regularly clean your hands with soap and clean running water. If you do not have access to soap and water, cleanse your hands using an alcohol-based sanitizer. It will kill any viruses that may be on your hands so that you don’t spread it to others.

Avoid Crowds

When you visit crowded places, you risk prolonged close contact with someone infected with COVID-19.  It’s difficult to maintain a physical distance of one meter or three feet apart in a busy environment or a confined area. 

Some common places people meet in large crowds include churches, restaurants, casinos, and malls. 

The rise of online services means that you can avoid crowded places almost permanently. Today, punters can wager on their favorite casino online games from the comfort of their home. Instead of going to the mall, you can have your items delivered directly to your home through online shopping. 

Maintain Proper Social Distance 

Observing social distance is crucial in preventing the spread of COVID-I9 virus. When someone speaks to you, coughs, or sneezes, they spray liquid droplets from their mouth or nose, which may contain the virus. Standing too close to other people puts you at a greater risk of contracting the disease.  

Stay safe, stay apart (by at least one metre or three feet).

Avoid Touching Your Mouth, Nose and Eyes

Our hands subconsciously touch many surfaces, meaning you can easily pick up contaminants. Your hands transfer the virus to your mouth, nose, or eyes, where it enters your body and infects the system. 

Prevent the spread—wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.

Maintain Proper Respiratory Hygiene

When you sneeze or cough, the droplets from your mouth or nose spread the virus. Shield your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Dispose of the tissue immediately and wash your hands. 

You’ll protect yourself and others from illnesses, like colds and COVID-19. 

Stay Home, And Self Isolate

If you are showing coronavirus-like symptoms, such as a cough, headache, or slight fever, stay home and self-isolate until you recover. You should also wear a mask and gloves to avoid infecting others anytime you leave the house. 

If you have a fever, cough, headache, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately by calling your hospital in advance. Also, make sure to follow the directions provided by your local health authority.

The above preventative measures are your first line of defense against COVID-19. Stay safe by observing proper hand sanitization and making these measures a part of daily life. 


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Written by: Judy Rae

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