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Dunn, Seawright take Ironman


2018 hb ironman 40.jpg


Casey Dunn, this year’s men’s Ironman winner, is hoisted on the shoulders of fellow competitors on July 4. Photo by Ray Vidal


The 44th Annual Fourth of July Hermosa Beach Ironman drew over 500 competitors last week, including a record number of woman. Contestants run a mile, paddle a mile and chug a six pack of beer. The first to finish — without vomiting — wins. Third-time competitor Casey Dunn of Hermosa Beach won the men’s title in just over 27 minutes, followed by multiple-winner Chris Brown in just over 28 minutes. Multiple-winner Annie Seawright-Newton took the woman’s title. The race was preceded by Shelby Benz leading an “American Anthem” sing-along and followed by a mosh pit driven by local punk rockers the STDs.

Dennis Dugan show


Dennis Dugan’s “Monkeys and Typewriters” will debut at ShockBoxx Gallery on Cypress Avenue this Saturday. Dugan, who is an actor, writer, and director in addition to being a visual artist, works in silkscreen, wood, glass and more, with influences like Ed Ruscha and Jasper Johns. And although he has been churning out mixed-media works for half a century, this will be his first show. A sneak preview starts Friday at 7 p.m., with the opening on Saturday at 7 p.m.


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