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Letters to the Editor 8-10-17

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Blessings in the east

Dear ER:

The extension of the downtown shuttle program in Manhattan Beach seems to have produced ripples of resentment from residents living east of Sepulveda Boulevard who feel they have been overlooked by city leaders in favor of their counterparts on the Westside (“Belittle East,” ER Letters August 3, 2017). Last week, one of your letter writers noted the pre-1998 closure of a library branch and said,”Once again, the east side is being ignored.” In an effort to smooth the waters, I want to point out the wealth of cultural riches we enjoy here on the freeway side of the city. Westsiders may tout their library, their ocean views and their proximity to the sand. But they have to come east of Sepulveda for concerts in Polliwog Park. We’ve also have the revitalized Manhattan Beach Arts Center, the city’s award-winning middle school and high school, Premiere Field, a brand new skate park, Begg Pool (could be better) and both Trader Joe’s. I think we need to stop resenting our westside neighbors and join hands to make Manhattan Beach a vibrant and welcoming city. But if that fails, at least Northrop Grumman is on the east side.

Michele Reniche

Somewhere East of Sepulveda

Bring back Normy

Dear ER:

We all miss cartoonist Keith Robinson and know he will never be adequately replaced (“Robinson was video game maker, Making it at the Beach cartoonist, “ ER June 22, 2017). But there must be a local cartoonist available to create more subtle points than the person who, every week (yawn).  bashes (snore), Trump (yawn). Yes, our president needs work, but surely Easy Reader can find someone whose points are not bludgeons on our heads.  Thanks from a moderate

Philip Norton

Manhattan Beach

What about Polly’s?

Dear ER:

So, Redondo Beach is going to spend $4 million to build a concrete slab where the decaying sport fishing pier is (“Sportfishing pier to be replaced,” ER August 3, 2017). Why not build a boat ramp instead? Is it too simple? Does it make too much sense? We need vision for our harbor and we ain’t getting it.

Paul Moses

Redondo Beach

Dead zone or kill view

Dear ER:

The cellular companies want to block views in the Manhattan Beach sand section by erecting tall, unsightly cellular antennas and above-ground equipment cabinets on Manhattan Avenue and on Ocean Drive, rather than co-locating their equipment on existing, stealth cellular sites on nearby commercial buildings. This is in some areas where residents paid substantial amounts to have utilities and equipment cabinets undergrounded. The city makes money on the right-of-way rental. AT&T wants to erect 2- to 4-foot tall antennas on top of street light poles and 6-foot, above-ground equipment cabinets at 5th, 18th, 29th and 36th Streets, rather than co-locating on nearby commercial buildings (“stealth sites”).  This will block views and will also be unsightly from The Strand and the beach. If approved, the other cellular companies will soon follow. If you object to the cellular companies cluttering our city with unnecessary cellular equipment pollution, please send an email to the City Council at CityCouncil@CityMB.info and/or attend the August 15 City Council public hearing.

Wayne Powell

Manhattan Beach



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