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Letters to the Editor 5-23-19

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Subtle bias

Dear ER:

Local Offers

Last week, Easy Reader printed an article about the Hermosa Parks, Recreation and Community Resources Advisory Board’s meeting concerning a proposal for a permanent slacklining park on the south end of the beach [“Slackliners face tightrope walk in quest for dedicated park,” ER May 16, 2019].

I am one of the homeowners directly affected by this idea. I strongly resent being characterized the article as neighbors “grumbling” about the plan. We have serious concerns that we consider important for all residents regarding safety, noise, congestion, and the large expense. Your reporter should be professional rather than pandering to a very small special interest group.

Shouldn’t a good reporter be neutral on issues they cover?

Carol Fleischer

Hermosa Beach

Geiger counter

Dear ER:

Westport Capital’s Greg Geiger just lost any credibility with his quote [“Redondo Beach Mayor, Council angered by ‘vindictive’ records request,” ER May 16, 2019]. No one attacked Torrance Memorial, where Geiger is a member of the foundation board. They attacked the fact that such a community bully is a board member. Geiger cries crocodile tears over the well deserved backlash against his vindictive lawsuits and onerous public records requests that are not designed for anything but intimidation of those who opposed the project he supported.

He’s even sued the city over the broadly acclaimed BeachLife Festival. He has sued the city over Measure C (and lost). He sued four individuals who opposed his project using two residents to front his lawsuit in a failed attempt to mask the source (thrown out by the judge as a “sham” lawsuit filed by “shills”).

Now this onerous public records request — all to intimidate the community.

Paul Hennessey, Geiger, and CenterCal have shown how well monied businesses use their money to weaponize tools meant to protect our democracy and harass and intimidate those who oppose their business interests.

Geiger seems to not care that the project he backed was found illegal by two independent government bodies and was rejected by the voters of our community. Had he done any real due diligence before investing in CenterCal’s failed mall-by-the-sea he would have seen that the project was already in trouble when he got behind it. If Geiger was truly interested in serving the community, he’d accept that he made a bad decision and let Redondo get on with revitalizing its Waterfront.

Jim Light

Web comment

Two for one tacos

Dear ER:

It’s well known that many new businesses fail in their first year. Replacing a taco place with another taco place (in downtown Manhattan Beach) doesn’t make any sense at all, especially when the rent is most likely in the vicinity of $20,000 per month [“New Hermosa gastropub, Persian on 190th, tacos in Manhattan, events, and more dining news,” ER May 16, 2019].

I wish them well, but they will have to sell a lot of tacos to crack that nut.

Dennis Duke Noir

Web comment

What’s the plan?

Dear ER:

On the May 21 Redondo Beach City Council agenda, this item was in the Consent Calendar: “Approve the consent to assignment of the lease for 110-151 Fisherman’s Wharf from Redondo Beach Fisherman’s Wharf LLC to Next Century Power LLC.​”

Tony’s On The Pier and Donald Ballard currently control the leases on the Monstad Pier.

They are selling those leaseholds to Leo Pustilnikov and Next Century Power LLC [“City approves Monstad Pier lease deal,” ER April 4, 2019]. NCP recently purchased the SeaLab property and Pustilnikov has the right to purchase the remainder of the AES site. Pustilnikov has been public about his ambition to acquire all the leases in the harbor area.

There are problems with this and Redondo should be wary. Pustilnikov has no record of new development and has not stated his intent for any of these properties. I have my doubts that Pustilnikov has the capitol but he does have the blessings of Mayor Bill Brand.

By hiding these items on the agenda, like this Monstad Pier deal, Pustilnikov could acquire all the leases in the harbor with Council approval and almost no public input.​

This would be the biggest single sourced, no-bid, backroom deal in the Redondo harbor’s history. ​ It should be asked – What are Pustilnikov’s plans for all these leases? Is he repackaging these leases just to resell them? What is the limit of Pustilnikov’s  financial bandwidth?​ Is Redondo selling total control of the entire harbor for a bag of beans?

Paul Moses

Redondo Beach


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