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Letters to the Editor 5-30-19

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Operation Dragon remembered

Dear ER:

I want to thank Ivan G. Goldman for his excellent article about his nephew and his nephew’

S buddy [“Gillman of the 509th: A mother’s son,” ER May 23, 2019].

Operation Dragoon is a much overlooked due to D-Day’s huge operation in June. The 509th was smaller than the big drops at Normandy, yet the mistakes were the same. Survival in war is often just a series of luck, coincidence, chance — literally a gamble with soldiers’ lives.

Dropping in the sea, a man didn’t have a chance. Congrats to those young men for volunteering for an elite airborne unit. They chose to serve with the best.

Michener said it in “The Bridges at Toko-Ri” — “Where do we find such men?”

Jerry and Marvin were those men.

Bill Singley

82nd/1st Brigade

101st Airborne

Vietnam 1967

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Decadent love

Dear ER:

We have followed Skylar Tourigny on her vision and establishments for years and she never disappoints. Her “Decadence” is a labor of love, two years in the making [“Restaurant Review: Decadence on the rise,” ER May 23, 2109]. It far surpasses what was there before.

We have eaten there a few times and it was always excellent. We’ll be back soon, actually within a week or so. Best wishes to Skylar Tourigny and her Team.

Dennis Duke Noir

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Car, phone pay caput

Dear ER:

At the May 7 City Council meeting for Manhattan Beach, I fulfilled one of the major campaign promises I made while running for election last March. I proposed the council eliminate its $475/month car and cell phone allowances for each of the five council members.

Our job on council is one of public service; we should not be in it for the money. Our job on council already comes with health, dental, and vision benefits that would be the envy of the private sector; a monthly stipend of $500 per month; and a city tag for free parking. No other board or commission member is paid for his/her contribution to civic life in the city, and we have no shortage of qualified applicants who wish to serve.

Unfortunately, my proposal was not seconded by another council member, so I did not prevail. As a result, I will donate my $475 per month stipend ($5,700 annually) to the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation.

I ran for council as a friend of the Manhattan Beach taxpayer. I will continue to look for ways to help the city government operate as frugally as possible. If you have ideas or suggestions, please email me at SHadley@citymb.info.

Suzanne Hadley

Council member

Manhattan Beach

Economic boycott

Dear ER:

Here are my thoughts after learning of Centercal LLC & Westport Capital and their principles Burning & Geiger [“Redondo Beach Mayor, Council angered by ‘vindictive’ records request,” May 16, 2019]: I’ve always supported Torrance Memorial Hospital, my dad had open heart surgery there in 1980 and had multiple visits before his death in 1995. My mom also had multiple visits dealing with her medical issues before she passed in 2004. And, I’ve had my share of visits for my health issues over the decades.

But no more, as long as Gregory Geiger is on the board. I have spending power too and can exercise my rights not to do business with them. Little Company of Mary is a fine hospital. I also quit Hennessy’s for its owner’s vindictive actions in Redondo Beach District 1. I personally hated the dining deck as an infringement on public property [“Bar Hopping – Nehrenheim’s civil rights defense 86’d in Hennessey’s lawsuit,” ER May 9, 2019].

Walt Howells

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For the kids

Dear ER:

Congratulations, Michelle Mangan [“MBUSD announces teachers of the year,” ER May 16, 2109]. Those of us on the committee who interviewed her for her first MBUSD job at Meadows School knew she was something special.

Lisa Amerongen Couey

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Short timer

Dear ER:

Why was he out on parole for murder? He’s 29. How much time did he serve? [“LA murder parolee arrested after alleged assault, burglary, kidnapping,” ER May 16, 2019]

Judy Ward

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For the cause

Dear ER:

Such a great evening for a great cause [“Jimmy Miller Foundation honors DeSantises at Manhattan Beach Bene Fiesta,” ER May 23, 2019]. Thanks to the Desantis and Whitehead families for their amazing generosity.

Christopher Kyle Brown

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