Letters to the Editor 6-27-24

Bonds away

Dear ER:

After reading the new city wide bond proposals, I was wondering how the impact of the Redondo Beach Unified School District, Beach Cities Health District, and City of Redondo Fire Department bonds might have on our residents problem with affordable housing (“City moves toward fire stations, public safety bond,” ER June 13, 2024). Some of my neighbors’ property taxes, including existing bonds, amounts to over $2,000 a month. How much more can the residents actually afford? Apparently, according to our government employees, affordable housing for our children in Redondo is a non-starter.

John Evans

Redondo Beach

Order in the chambers

Dear ER:

What is the point of this story (“Hermosa Mayor Massey advises council don’t talk to press about agenda items, ER June 20, 2024)? I don’t know Mayor Justin Massey or anybody on the Hermosa Beach Council, but every organization prefers to have a consistent message to the press. This isn’t the “gotcha” story Easy Reader thinks it is. Nobody is being muzzled, people can speak freely. Mayor Massey admits it is not illegal, but he would prefer to have a policy. What is the big deal? Agendas are posted, council meetings are open to the public, people can email/call council people. It is indeed confusing to the public if some disgruntled council person calls the press to vent without the entire council being included in the conversation. I am a fan of the free press, but this story is not news.

Marie Puterbaugh

Redondo Beach

Quiet in the back

Dear ER:

I watched the June 1 Hermosa City Council meeting during which Mayor Massey argued Councilmen should not speak to the press after the Council makes a decision (“Hermosa Mayor Massey advises council don’t talk to press about agenda items,” ER June 20, 2024).

The gist of Massey’s argument is City Leaders must speak with one and only one voice in the name of greater government efficiency. But Massey’s “Don’t Speak to the Press” policy, when taken in the broader context of the significant cutbacks he has championed over the past year to City Council Public Participation, sounds like just another tool to quash the dissenting voices of his fellow Councilman. Councilman Massey’s Don’t Speak to the Press policy is also not good for Hermosa Beach. That message will hopefully be sent loud and clear in November 2024 when he and Councilmember Mike Detoy come up for reelection. 

Anthony Higgins

Hermosa Beach

Schooled assemblymember

Dear ER

Thanks to State  Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi for this effort (“Newsom signs Muratsuchi bill on Transitional Kindergarten assessments,” ER June 20, 2024). Muratsuchi absolutely knows the needs of our kids. As a dad and former school board member, Muratsuchi  has a deep understanding of education issues.

Barbara Epstein

Redondo Beach

Trump schooled

Dear ER:

Congratulations to Matt Wuerker and Easy Reader for the cartoon calling out tRump for some of his douchebag behavior (“Wuerker,” ER June 20, 2024).

Robert Benard

Manhattan Beach


Redondo rounding error

Dear ER:

The appointed Redondo Beach Mayor, Jim Light, was threatening a veto and willing to force the City Attorney to sue the City Council over $90,000 (“2024-25 budget passes, averting city charter crisis,” ER June 20, 2024). Did that $90,000 restore “balance” to a total budget of over $190 million? The Mayor would throw the City into legal chaos over $90,000 for his beloved South Redondo. Mayor Light would not have threatened a veto if North Redondo felt like they were getting jipped. This is what you get when three guys appoint a Mayor instead of electing a Mayor.

Paul Moses

Redondo Beach


Parking pooper

Dear ER:

Parking? Was the Redondo Beach City Council meeting as dominated by parking discussions as described in this article (“2024-25 budget passes, averting city charter crisis,” ER June 20, 2024)? Is the tail wagging the dog.

Vance Busam

ER News Comment


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