Kevin Cody

Manhattan Beach Super Bowl Sunday Feeble Football Bowl ends safely, amicably

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Feeble Bowl 2018 players (left to right) Larry Lemoine, Bob Campbell. Brad Angeleri, Mickie Mellman, Bill Guichard, Tom Hastings, referee Jim Shaefer, Dennis Draudt and “Fast” Stevan Grubic. Photos by Kevin Cody

by Ralph Doyle

Despite mid game rule changes, end zone line disputes and fake flag plays, the annual Super Bowl Sunday Feeble Bowl 50 and Older Flag Football Championship ended amicably, with all players able to leave the Mira Costa High School field after the game under their own power and still talking to one another. MVP honors went to rugby shill Tom Hastings, 65, whose two touchdown passes and one touchdown reception earned Team Red bragging rights. None of the players remembered when the Feeble Bowl started, but players still possessing long term memories say it was founded by the recently retired Bob Peterson, two or maybe three decades ago.

Campbell to Mellman.

The Feeble Bowl began as an all ages game. But after a few years it was limited to 50-and-over to protect the younger players. “To be frank, the old guys played dirty. One year a Mira Costa senior with a full ride to USC had his knee blown out by an old guy’s illegal crackback block,” Hastings recalled. ER

Phantom tackler.


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