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On Manhattan Government 1-23-2020

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Home grown promotions

by Mark Burton

In any organization that has a great culture of dedicated service, promoting from within the organization is preferred. Promoting from within preserves, protects and enhances the culture. That’s why the promotion of Bruce Moe from Manhattan Beach finance director to city manager was a great decision by the prior council. Many Manhattan Beach department heads are long time city employees who have worked their way up the ranks, including the chief of police, finance director and parks and recreation director. I hope City Manager Moe is grooming someone on our current city staff to be his successor. 

Many residents believe City Council Members are in charge of city government operations. They are not. City Council sets policy. It’s the city manager who is granted plenary authority over all city operations.  

Manhattan Beach is fortunate that its city government has a culture of dedicated service, an exceptional one at that.  Of course, our friends and neighbors who serve on our current Council, as well as those who served on previous Councils, are dedicated and committed to our community.

However, what really makes our city government exceptional is the culture of dedicated service exhibited by the city manager, his staff and all city employees. Such a culture of dedicated service only results over time, with a consistent approach throughout an organization and, most importantly, leadership.

City Manager Moe is a long time city employee who worked his way up the ranks as a purchasing agent, finance director, acting city Manager and ultimately city manager.  He has an incredible work ethic and he is very responsive to the needs of residents. He sets the standard of dedicated service for his staff and all city employees.

Manhattan Beach Chief of Police Derrick Abell is another city employee who worked his way up the ranks, from patrol officer, sergeant, lieutenant, captain and to chief. 
Chief Abell understands the MBPD culture of “no call too small, we respond to them all.”  He has a passion for public service and sets the example for his command staff and officers.  Also, in making promotions to captain and other command staff positions, Chief Abell has wisely selected from within MBPD.  And, our two MBPD Captains are residents of our community as well!

Promoting from within is another reason we have such a great community. 


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