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Copper Pot brings Southern India flavors to Redondo Beach

By Richard Foss / September 22, 2021

I like it when restaurants display symbols of culinary culture. The images of village markets laden with exotic produce, bakers proudly holding fresh loaves, grandmothers stirring pots over wood fires, and families at the table are more than mere decoration. It’s a reminder that these recipes are the legacy of countless generations of loving experimentation…

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Cruising Down Rosecrans to Eddie V’s

By Richard Foss / August 29, 2021

I was trying to figure out why the patio at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood seemed familiar even though I hadn’t been there before, and it suddenly struck me – the last time I was in a place like this, there was green water around us instead of green lawn. The broad patio with a wall-length…

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Strata and Cuisine

By Richard Foss / August 25, 2021

I don’t often find myself comparing restaurant offerings to geology, but that’s just the metaphor that went through my mind when I had dinner last week at The Strand House. I have been there over the course of a decade, and through the tenure of at least five chefs, each of whom arrived with their…

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Reality and illusions on the Pier Plaza

By Richard Foss / August 18, 2021

When I first heard Brews Hall was opening on Pier Plaza, my reaction was an eye roll. A sports-themed place that specializes in burgers and beer, opening across from a sports-themed place that specializes in burgers and beer, with variations on the theme adjacent and around the corner. It showed a certain lack of imagination,…

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Burgers on the beach bike path

By Richard Foss / August 11, 2021

The August Saturday morning was unseasonably cool and gray, with a light breeze adding to the chill. I looked at the cloudy skies to the west and rejoiced – it was beach weather! Yes, I prefer to go to the beach when it’s cool rather than hot, and I always have. It’s not just that…

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Sion rising, Manhattan Beach gains a bakery, loses an Italian, Redondo’s new Indian cafe, and other dining news

By Richard Foss / August 4, 2021

Bouncing back: Sion’s Mexican restaurant has been serving up Mexican food on PCH for over 30 years, and looked set to do it for another 30, until a fire broke out in the kitchen in June. Nobody was injured and the blaze was confined to a small area, but there was considerable smoke damage. The…

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Chinese home cooking comes to Redondo

By Richard Foss / July 29, 2021

Over the course of culinary history, there are ideas that are recreated again and again. Every culture has some version of meat roasted over a fire, whether they call it barbecue, kebab, shashlik, yakitori, or something else. Similarly, once people come up with the idea of dough, it’s a natural thing to wrap it around…

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The steak that would be king

By Richard Foss / July 27, 2021

Naming a steakhouse “The Rex” may seem presumptuous, because that title asserts kingship. Another steakhouse might assert that they are the queen of such establishments, or perhaps a prince, but that makes all other steakhouses subjects or vassals. It does make sense because good beef was historically the food of the aristocracy in most of…

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Asking for trouble – and enjoying it

By Richard Foss / July 8, 2021

There’s a question that, however softly or politely it’s asked, should always be considered carefully. You might hear it when you decide to bet a friend that you can ride your bicycle down Pier Avenue blindfolded, shave the cat without getting scratched, or drink a whole bottle of tequila. “Are you sure you want to…

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Add sand to taste

By Richard Foss / June 30, 2021

Once upon a time there was a little hole in the wall that made very good pizza. They qualified as a dine-in restaurant on the basis of a few tables in a dark corner in the back, but on any given day most of their business was take-out. Most of those pizzas were eaten piping…

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East Redondo’s Mexican hideaway

By Richard Foss / June 27, 2021

There are certain amenities that send a restaurant investor’s pulse racing. A view of the ocean is the most obvious, but having the closest burger joint to a high school or the closest pizzeria to a hotel are also obvious winners. Surfers, students, and tourists have varying budgets, but they all get hungry, and being…

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The road to Italian classics

By Richard Foss / June 24, 2021

When Avenue Italy opened on Avenue I in Redondo, I thought it might be the beginning of a new era in city planning. We might have Argentine and Albanian restaurants on Avenue A, Bulgarian and Brazilian on Avenue B, Cambodian and Czech on Avenue C, and so on. There are no Avenues J through Z,…

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Rok on [restaurant review]

By Richard Foss / June 14, 2021

The dining decks in downtown Hermosa are generally nicely decorated, albeit without much personality because they’re designed to maximize seating. One stands out: the patio at Rok Sushi, which is shaped like a boat complete with a wheel out of a pirate movie. They lose a few seats as a result, but the design is…

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In Remembrance: Redondo Beach’s Charlie’s loses its namesake

By Richard Foss / June 9, 2021

by Richard Foss The South Bay lost a pillar of the local restaurant community with the death of Charles Byrd two weeks ago. Byrd, known universally as Charlie, co-owned and operated Charlie’s on Pacific Coast Highway since1992. Byrd moved from New York to Hermosa Beach in the 1980s and worked at Naja’s and then at…

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Nomad settles in

By Richard Foss / May 26, 2021

I’m occasionally literal-minded, so my first thought when I heard about a South Bay establishment called Nomad Eatery was that it was a food truck. That would be the most nomadic style of dining possible in an urban landscape, though it’s not one of my favorites because they usually lack comfortable seating and a place…

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Global village in Manhattan Village

By Richard Foss / May 19, 2021

About 40 years ago, Thai science fiction writer Somtow Sucharitkil wrote several satirical stories about a future in which most of humanity’s creative energy is expended on a giant shopping mall in space. The Mallworld stories were a comic look at commercialism, at a future in which every experience humanity could offer is available within…

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