Pier lights back on, but piers are not forever, council told 

Newly discovered damage to the west end of the Hermosa Beach pier deck will take approximately three months to repair.

by Kevin Cody

A $268,000 increase in the $2.24 million pier repair budget was approved by the Hermosa City Council Tuesday evening. The initial budget, approved in February, was to replace the pier’s electrical system, and pier railings, and to make structural improvements to the concrete pier pilings. 

The electrical work, including new lighting, has been completed, Public Works Director Joe SanClemente told the City Council. The additional funds are needed, he said, to repair a deck area near the west end of the pier. Damage to the deck was discovered after workers suspended scaffolding under the pier.

SanClemente estimated repairing the deck will take until February, but will only require the full pier to be closed for a week.

Mayor Justin Massey asked if the additional funds will be sufficient to complete work on the pier.

SanClemente answered yes, but, “The pier is scheduled for a more detailed inspection. The last one was in 2017, and inspections should be every five years. 

“I think the pier will be good after another round of repairs. But as piers get older, repairs bring diminishing returns. This is not our first pier. Piers are not forever structures,” SanClemente said.

Hermosa’s first pier was built of wood in 1904. Its current pier was built in 1960. ER


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