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Skatepark returns to the drawing board

Plans to build a skatepark at Redondo’s Dominguez Park are being drawn back, after the Redondo Beach City Council was presented with a geotechnical assessment that drove estimated costs upwards of $1 million.

The major cost driver is the park’s poor soil. Dominguez Park was built atop an old landfill, and holds about three feet of soil above more than 30 feet of refuse and filler soil.

Local Offers

Estimates to build a foundation for a skatepark are between $750,000, to build a concrete pad over imported soil that replaces the landfill, and $1.2 million, to anchor the pad on 60-foot piles that stretch to firm soil below the filler.

Skatepark proponent David Bernier said he believes that money for the park is there, between partnerships from the LA Kings, grants from friendly foundations and public donations.

But he felt it may make more sense to explore other parks and areas within the city for smaller parks, such as Anderson Park in District 5 and Alta Vista Park in District 1.

The Redondo Beach City Council agreed, directing staff to explore other locations within the city. It’s expected that staff will return with an updated report in early Spring.

Leadership Redondo

seeks Class of 2019

Leadership Redondo, an exploratory program that introduces members of the community to the workings of business and civic leadership, is now accepting applications for its Class of 2019.

Each class features an 18-month program with a 10-month curriculum of sessions at locations throughout Redondo Beach, the South Bay, and Los Angeles County, followed by the implementation of a community project.

For details, call 310-376-6911 or visit www.redondochamber.org.

RBPD Toy and Coat Drive

The Redondo Beach Domestic Violence Victims Advocacy Program is collecting gifts for children and families in need.

The drive, which is currently running through Dec. 14, accepts gift cards, toys for infants through children up to 17 years old, and new coats both in child and adult sizes.

Donations can be dropped off at the Redondo Beach Police Department’s main lobby, 401 Diamond St.

For more information, contact Ericka at 310-379-2477, ext. 2336.


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