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‘Shreddin’ Santa’ brings early winter waves to Jacks/SB Boardriders Manhattan Beach surf contest

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“Shreddin’ Santa” demonstrates his snow making machine on Saturday in El Porto during the Jacks/SB Boardriders contest. (Special thanks to Tracey Meistrel/Body Glove/Dive N’Surf) Photo by Ray Vidal

by Kevin Cody

Surfing Santa made a surprise appearance at the Jacks/South Bay Boardriders season opening contest in El Porto on Saturday, bringing with him a bag full of big waves. After watching Santa (Tracey Meistrell) throw spray like a snow making machine, delighted groms dubbed him “Shreddin’ Santa.”

The nearly 150 contest entrants, including over two dozen groms, showed their appreciation for Santa’s gift with a display of surfing that showcased how much local surfers have improved since the South Bay Boarders started their contest series 10 years ago.

Santa listens to Christmas wishes from SB Boardrider groms Cole Saffell, Cooper Wixom, Tanner Wixom, Jason Herrion, Rider Wixom, Marlo Harris, Bryn Barry and London Meza. Photo by Kevin Cody

Former Spyder Surf manager turned Realtor proved the value of consistency and wave selection by placing second in his two preliminary heats and then winning the Open Mens final.

The challenging conditions suited El Porto lifeguard Tom Seth, who won the Masters (45 and over) and Legends (over 50) divisions.

Parker Browning treated the big surf like it was a big ski jump. His aerial display earned first place in the Juniors (18 and under) and third place in the Mens Open.

Michael Orona, who finished 21st in the longboard division last year, competing in only three of the six contests, started this season on top, upsetting last year’s dominant series champion Dave Schaeffer. The win earned Orona a new Jose Barahona longboard. Schaeffer promised the Barahona to the longboard division winner, confident no one would beat him.

Kate Russell earned the two highest scores in Women’s Open final to put her on course to winning the contest series title for the second consecutive year.

Kasten Wanke, winner last year’s boy’s division, also got on track to a series repeat by winning his division.

Conditions were so unruly in the morning that contest organizers considered postponing the contests or canceling the grom heats. But the contest went on and the groms paddled out in conditions  so rough that some of the adults couldn’t reach the outside.

Caden Meza won the grom (12 and under) division, Sawyer Abing the Micro Grom (under 9) division and Tanner Wixom the Micro Grom assisted division.

This year, SBBC has added a foamies division. The inaugural foam’s finals was on by Cambria Boulanger. 

Shreddin’ Santa celebrates another fun session in El Porto. Photo by Ray Vidal

Jacks/South Bay Boardriders contest results:

Open Men: Chris Broman, Magno Pacheco, Parker Browning, Jon Mangelli, Shane Frontino, Jake Harman.

Masters: Tom Seth, Jex McCartney, Patrico Reano, Jason Leeds, Brian Kingston.

Legends: Tom Seth, Danny Glober, Jiro Ikeda, Dave Schaefer, Dan Rimmon and Bob Sievers

Open Longboard: Michael Orona, Michael Schmit, Dave Schaefer, Cash Cherry, Phillip Barnett, Daniel Boos.

Juniors 18 and under: Parker Browning, Carlos Price-Gracida, Beau Daiker Werger, Davin Howard, Brendan Griffin. Karsten Wanke

Open Women: Kate Russell, Marlo Harris, London Meza, Angela Strong, Jordan Von Leffern.

Boys/Girls 14 and under: Karsten Wanke, Quincy Fredriksz, Matheus Sperb, Tommy Griffin, Giovani Horta, Finn Ketola.

Grom 12 and under: Caden Meza, Jonny Herrouin, Dylan Glober, Cole Saffell, Sayer Abing, Cooper Wixom.

Micro Grom 9 and under: Sawyer Abing.

Micro Groms 9 and under, assisted: Tanner Wixom, Lucas Kraines, Josie Kushner, Steven Berry, Teagan Meza, Jason Hourren.

Foamy: Cambria Boulanger, Taylor Southey.


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