Tom ‘The Computer Guy’ was last of the computer generalists

Tom “The Computer Guy” outside his Hermosa Avenue computer repair shot.

Ever since opening his computer repair shop at 26th Street and Hermosa Avenue in 1984, Tom Serafin has been known throughout town as “The Computer Guy.” Most of his consultations were conducted on The Strand, during his daily walks to breakfast with friends at La Playita or Scotty’s. He was the last of the computer generalists. He was indifferent as to whether a computer was a PC or Apples. He was as willing to fix a broken laptop hinge as troubleshoot a data devouring bug. Instruction was free. Repairs and setups cost not much more. 

Neighbor John Weldon suspected something was wrong when Serafin failed to move his car two Sundays ago for Monday morning street sweeping. That Friday Serapin had fallen from a ladder while trimming a tree in front of his office. He told Weldon he hadn’t hit his head, but he felt a shaky. On Saturday, after not seeing Serafin leave or return from breakfast, Weldon called the Hermosa Beach Police. An officer stood on a chair to look through a window into Serafin’s office. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, the officer and Weldon concluded Serafin was simply away for the weekend.

Monday morning, after seeing Serafin’s car ticketed, Weldon called the police again. An officer picked the front door lock and found Serafin on the floor, deceased. 

The Los Angeles County Coroner was called and an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

Friends said Serafin had appeared to be in good health. A recent customer said Seraphin, while admitting he was overweight, demonstrated he could still climb the climbing wall in his studio. ER


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