What Are Live Casinos and How do they Work?

Even if you’re not a gambling enthusiast, you probably have somewhat of an idea about how casinos work and feel.

You might’ve not been in one, but you’ve surely seen some examples from movies, video games, or books. In short, even if people gamble online, they still go to real casinos for the feeling.

Well, since we’re slowly moving forward to the second quarter of the 21st century, the internet has brought even this debatable habit into the online world like never before. Nowadays, players can get the spectacular sensations of a real casino from their phone or computer while they’re relaxing on the couch. Here’s how that works.


The technology behind live casinos


Unlike regular online casinos, live casinos use cameras and sensors to allow you to walk around the place, sit at a table, and interact with dealers and other players just as you would in a brick and mortar casino.

Live casinos are a big disruptor in the industry. They use multiple tech resources to achieve the almost palpable interaction that you’d otherwise only get in an actual gambling palace. Game Control Units digitize every action within the game. Cameras track your face and the RFID sensors inside chips allow you to place bets seamlessly.

On a similar note, smart cameras placed at a poker table track each card through optical sensors and AI integration. We could go on and on about the technical details of how it all works, but it would be some mumbo-jumbo that most users couldn’t comprehend. The key takeaway is this: it’s just like a real casino, except it’s in your home.

The control room

As you’d expect, a live casino also has a control room, much like a regular one has. Except that live casino control rooms are far more advanced.

What we mean by this is that they also monitor suspicious activity. And they’re enhanced by AI to prevent cheating, laundering, and whatnot. Even if your programming skills are top-notch, don’t expect to bust into a live casino and steal all the winnings like it was nothing.

Just like technology itself, security and control measures have evolved drastically. That’s why many players often prefer live casinos to their real-world counterparts – they are safer from sneaky cheaters and thieves. And a live casino also ensures them the privacy that they so desire.

Introducing virtual reality

Want to take your experience to the next level? Then get a VR headset and dive into a real casino while sitting in front of your PC.

Yes, some companies have started implementing these technologies on their websites. And why wouldn’t they? Virtual reality is the next big thing in any type of gaming, be it social, gambling, or hardcore gaming.

It only makes sense that entrepreneurs who can afford it would implement it on their live casino offering to entice players even more. The result? We’ll have to wait and see how things will develop once VR headsets start reaching more affordable prices. But as of now, live casinos have become just as popular as real casinos thanks to VR and all the other technologies.

What does it take to make your own live casino?

Money. Yes, that’s the main ingredient. Don’t even think about diving into the live casino business unless you’re ready to invest millions.

But leaving aside your financial possibilities, making a dedicated live casino requires cameras, smart sensors, RFID chips, and several other gadgets to help you get started. However, all of that hardware would be useless without reliable software.

Making software from scratch is excruciatingly difficult and time-consuming. Instead, you could opt for already-existing platforms that offer you the possibility of building your website from scratch and adding all the elements you might need for a reliable and stable live casino.

Among the top companies to offer such services are the Betconstruct company, Playtech, and EveryMatrix. Choose one of these based on the plans that best fit your needs and you’re golden.


Live casinos will most likely grow even bigger in the future. If you want to delve into this market as an entrepreneur, there’s no better time than today.

As for the players, you can enjoy the multitude of offerings currently on the market. Take your time to search for the best live casinos today and enjoy great sign-up bonuses and other enticing offers.


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Written by: Judy Rae

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