8 Ways to Boost Employee Morale in the Workplace

Business owners around the globe are recognizing the huge return on investment they receive when their employees are happy. A high morale in any office environment is a powerful growth tool that will take your business places.

By actively boosting morale on a regular basis and getting custom uniforms for your employees, you can expect to see:


  • An increase in productivity
  • Higher staff retention
  • Increased individual growth within the company
  • A decrease in absenteeism and late coming

Let’s find out how successful companies are investing in employee morale. Here’s what you employees want.

Employees Want to Know Where They Stand

Your staff members want to work for a company that evaluates them. One where good performance is acknowledged and rewarded.

Not knowing whether their efforts are being recognized will often deter employees from putting in the same amount of effort they did when they first started. By continually measuring employee performance—and being able to refer to it at a whim—you are showing your employees that their efforts matter. And those efforts are being noticed by higher management.

HR software options, such as Advanced Systems, allow you to evaluate the overall performance of individual staff members, allowing you to incentivize your staff accordingly.

And if you need a comprehensive tool for assessing point-in-time employee sentiment, collecting data, and implementing actionable insights, you may want to visit the Qualtrics homepage to learn more.

Employees like Working under Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

While management is a general skill that you can learn at school, working with people is either something you have, or don’t have.

Many managers act authoritatively, which only results in alienating staff and making them feel separate from the company decisions and policies. What you need are leaders.

True leaders who hold employees accountable by the same standards they set for themselves, are the pillars of any company. These individuals know how to rally employees and motivate them to work as a collective tea towards a set goal.

If you want your employees to enjoy their jobs, fill your management posts with emotionally intelligent leaders who command respect rather than authority.

Employees Want to Manage Themselves

An aspect of corporations that’s falling away is the need to hire a person to manage the personal details of every staff member. Dealing with employees is a full-time job. But what if you could automate it?

Employees prefer managing their own employee profiles. When it comes to attendance history and leave, let your workers manage themselves. HR software is more accurate in measuring & updating employee data. And lets your staff manage their own data straight from their mobile devices!

This is the kind of software that can revolutionize the orthodox structure of a company, since HR is now an unnecessary expenditure.

Employees like Working with Technology that Simplifies Their Processes

Have you taken the time to work in your employees’ shoes? Are you familiar with what they deal with each day?

Much work dissatisfaction stems from not being fully equipped to perform tasks that are expected of employees. There are two types of challenges your employees might be dealing with right now.

Productivity Challenges

The process your employees follow in order to perform their jobs isn’t a simple one, you will have low morale in your workplace.

Set aside some time to evaluate your employee processes and to get feedback from them about how they find those processes. If they can be improved upon, your employees will appreciate the effort you made towards transformation and improvement.

Administrative Challenges

Filling in leave forms, calculating overtime and recording sick days is something that hinders your employees from performing at their peak. To get your employees to fully utilize their time without unnecessary red tape, install an automated time clock system where employees have access to technology that does these mundane tasks for them.

Employees like Easy Access and Simplified Clock-In Systems

Another hinderance to the speed & productivity of your employees is their obligation to access their workplace and clock-in. Many companies have overly-complicated processes where these two security factors are concerned.

You have the ability to automate this aspect of your company too. By implementing the right HR software, you can give easier access to your staff. You can also mobilize your software and give clock-in access to your employees via their phones.

Employees Want Advancement Opportunities

A happy employee is a productive employee. But if employees aren’t growing and developing their careers, they are likely to lose morale.

Create these opportunities in ways that correlate with your incentives. Check on a regular basis which employees are peak performers. With mobile HR software that gives you a performance summary of each employee, you can handpick those individuals who have worked hard for their promotions.

By continuously advancing your staff with Lean Six Sigma, you will motivate others to also strive for promotion, which creates a culture of advancement within your company. And that in turn encourages morale across your work environment.

Employees Want to Feel Connected to Management

Communication is a common complaint from employees who lack morale in the workplace. And communication software is a multi-million-dollar industry because of how important it’s perceived.

But why invest so much into intricate communication methods when your entire company can be connected on each’s respective phone? Advanced Systems is exactly that—ADVANCED! Which is why they’ve done away with the old complicated methods of communicating, and integrated all company communication as an app that all employees, managers and stakeholders have access to.

Implement a system like this in your own company and your staff will appreciate always being connected and feeling heard at work. In addition, you may click this site to look at employee feedback tools that can help you collect feedback from your employees. This way, they’ll feel like they’re being heard.

Employees want to be rewarded for Effort

Most of all, employees work harder when their efforts are rewarded. Hard working employees are the happiest of all, because they not only get a feeling of accomplishment, but also an incentive for outperforming others.

If you want to know who’s up for a reward, implement good HR software that helps you control and monitor your workforce efficiently and accurately.


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